Wednesday, February 9, 2011

OMG What's Up With 55 Video Clip's All Mixed Up???

This is whats going down!

Like I said from the begin I was "Learning As I Go"

So what I am doing is as I make my videos I capture 30 seconds or maybe 2-3 minutes of what I feel are the most important parts of my demonstrations, applying, my how to's,reviews , swachting or what ever it is I am doing. so for some reason when I upload a 10 minuet video it takes any ware from 4 hours to 6 hours. I looked back threw my videos and there was allot of things I could stop the camera and finishing doing then start back up the camera and get the rest or part of what I am doing for that video. I tried to edit in Windows Movie Maker but couldn't get the video to upload to youtube so after doing different practiced runs with the Youtube editor I found if I just record all the clips I need to make the full video  I could not only upload the video clips A WHOLE LOT FASTER then edit and combine them all together to make a 10 min video that get RIGHT TO THE POINT no wasted time in the video. 

I do not want to waste no ones time, I like to get right to the point and be on to the next. Even thought the video clips upload allot faster it still takes time for all clips to be completely uploaded for me to then go back to edit combine trim all that stuff with the Youtube editor. I start the upload process leave it to finish up while I go on to do other things like WORK LOL. If you come to my channel and see allot of no tiles, descriptions, tags it's because I had to walk away to do other things while up;loading going on. It still taking like 5 hours for the clips but it's like I can make 3 videos out of that many clips and 5  hours nothing compared to days of trying to litaerly walk away from my computer on  to constantly upload. 

There is most  likely another way to upload faster but right now I don't know of anything and I am learning the whole process. Feel free to give me some tips on how to get past this pain staking upload process. 

I want to  make sure everyone understands why sometimes  you will go to my channel and see a mess but then see it fixed up. Part of my channel is also to show others how not to get intimidation by anything and how to do things along the way to still accomplish what your aiming to do.

Thanks to you all