Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ware Have I Been and What Is Going On ????

First off I do travel allot because of my travels I sometimes have to set up in one place for months because of this I also have family friends and family animals fish, frogs, dogs, to accomadate in the process. back in october I relocated to Leeds Uk, things went so well I was able to wrap up expand buisness deals and issues so I could take up on more projects ands buisness deals.Six months later I'm on a huge move back to usa my home land.but long enough to settle everyone in an then I going to be traveling alone pretty much for 4 to five days stays. Today I might be in new york tomorrow I can be in mass,ca.,fl.

So the give aways have went on hold but turn out for the beter for the up coming winners I well double up the prizes for exertions patieance. In the must of all of this I have as you can tell from my voice in my videos allot of promblems with my voice an throat.I completly lost my voice so I'm making a new aproach to still geting videos up an do a voice over so you can overwhelms me better as well as in put text on to the screen.

I love you all an thank you all for supporting me and the EsteeDarla chanel.....