Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blushes

I bought 2 blushes because I wanted to make sure it was something I would use allot instead of having to go threw the trouble taking it back, well guess what I am totally kicking my self in the tail end cause I love these blushes they are so silky smooth and go on so naturally beautiful, they enhance your natural beauty. It is like fail proof you can't over put this blush on and look like a clown cause it just merry s into your skin but brings out your natural color and enhances it in such a way I never seen a blush like this. I bough 15 Rose Petal and 60 Coffee Cake
On the Left 15 Rose Petal
On the Right 60 Coffee Cake

On the Left 15 Rose Petal
On the Right 60 Coffee Cake

 15 Rose Petal

15 Rose Petal

60 Coffee Cake

60 Coffee Cake

15 Rose Petal

15 Rose Petal

60 Coffee Cake

60 Coffee Cake

For swatches I found a blogger that has way better camera and picture shots that show up really nice here is her link she has all the blushes from this collection swathed here. Beauty Logic

I also did a YouTube video just showing them tried to swatch but didn't show up  again I don't have the best quality lighting and camera 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rimmel Handbag Organiser: where have you been all my life? |

Rimmel Handbag Organiser: where have you been all my life? |
I found another great cosmetics company to share, They are right now making lipstick and lip gloss, they also partner with another hair company  and have allot of great new products and ventures in the works. Her is the company website FSLCosmetics
(Picture was used from Stylemom )
I just order some of these as well so with some other orders of makeup skin care soon as I get my packages I will post  along with swatches then test them out to do a full review. I had to share in the mean time. 

Lip Savvy Had to Share this

You can buy and get more info from their site Be Lip Savvy

LipSavvy Star Studded Shine Gloss

Hope you like the site and their products I just made and order so as soon as I get mine and test them out I will be sharing the full review.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Makeup Tips

Makeup Tips

I wanted to share this cause there's allot of good information here I think allot of you could use or add too..HUGZ

Peace, Love, and Sparkles: MAC Gold Mode Pigment vs. TKB Virgo

Peace, Love, and Sparkles: MAC Gold Mode Pigment vs. TKB Virgo: MAC left, TKB right While pretty close, I was surprised that TKB's swatched a deeper shade than MAC. In the jar, it looks the exact opp...

Friday, December 2, 2011

I found this on another blog, since I been so sick I am trying to get cuaght up with my post and youtube so bare with me while laying in bed waiting for my medicine to kick in so I can feel some what better I ran into this .

CoverGirls Newest "FlipStick's"

Thursday, December 1, 2011

.: Want Fake Nails Without Glue?

.: Want Fake Nails Without Glue?: So you love having fake nails but how much are you damaging your nail during the process? For years I would religiously have acrylic nai...
I did try these out and was impressed as well since I been sick due to the weather I wanted to share with you all I found someone else who did a post , they are worth it for the fact they dont mess up your natural nail and look natural I did the toe nails too love them price was great as well.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Spotted: New Sally Hansen Gem Crush Nail Color Collection and Smooth and Perfect ColorCare Collection

All Pictures above I took witch are not all the best( I have a new camera coming in the mail soon so I can blog and post more clearer pictures and videos.

Below are pictures and the links to another AWESOME BLOGGER she posted these so I wanted to share with you all this are in most stores now and if you like to pick 1 color from each collection I will go get them and do a nail art desin for you and a full review. I thought that would be better than me trying to buy all the colors at a wahm..

Spotted: New Sally Hansen Gem Crush Nail Color Collection

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sees Candies

I came across sees candy booth set up only for the holidays in our local mall, toys it's a great priced assorted candies in a wide range of candy pre wrappedjust regular ,but it's the taste that gets you I've never tarted candy like this but in paris
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Thursday, November 10, 2011

HYPNÔSE Drama Doll Lashes By Lancome

This wand does evenly distributed threw out your lashes even those little tiny lashes hard to grab with out turning your wand to grip them, 1,2,3, quick fast strokes and you can be done adding mascara. this is one of the most AMAZING Mascaras I have tried recently that I love and know this is truly for people who love long lushes full lashes, everything you always want you sure get with this. it does stay on tile you take it off. I recommend that you use a mascara primer I used Lancomes and Estee Lauders mascara primer  cause if you don't use it before you apply this mascara it will  be harder to take off if it is the "Water Proof" one.

$25.00 each

Final words it is what I will buy again  just make sure to remember this is allot harder to take off than your usual mascara, baby oil removes these hard to remove mascaras easier but it is just messy LOL It isn't nothing I would be a reason I wouldn't wear it I just want to give you the heads up it is tougher than ,most water proof witch what makes this different cause you never get clumps of mascara sticking to gather it is like each swipe stroke you put on it is like adding lashes to your lashes and they get full longer with out clumping, once dried and you want to add more it goes on very smoothly and your lashes feel very real not brittle after applying coats of it on and it stays like that . they do not flake.

Make sure to c heck out my YouTube Channel cause I do videos on everything I post here now

Elizabeth Arden Foundation Blender Brush $15.00

I had to share this I don't have any of the cheaper blenders yet but i did however finely get this one and what drew my attention to this and I went out of my way to buy was the handle. But once I was able to really get home and test drive it i feel in love with the amazing blending flawless airbrush look it leaves you with and you don't have to use allot of product , ways to clean( I clean all my applicators,brushes, ect after using them and before using them again .)

I been using this for about a month now every day and even if I have to change up my make up or do touch ups and this has really been an I don't know how I lived with out type tool!! I do recommend this it is very soft genital to your skin doesn't drag or pull your skin and gets in those hard to buff  blend spots.

Rimmel London Fix & Perfect Foundation Primer 001

As you can see the Peachy type color but it goes on and marry's to your skin it totally disappears but works wonders in not only protecting your face and makeup but also moisturizer it as well. You wont get any type of break out's irritation of any kind it helps to take make up off easier. I use it to prime face neck eyes brows everything then add my makeup.
I highly recommend this I have compared this to allot of primers out there and it can stand side by side to the high end cosmetics company's primers and win but for Under $7.00. I paid around $4.50 for mine.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Essence Add on Magic Nail polish

FairyAna: Preview: Essence Trend Edition Circus Circus

FairyAna: Preview: Essence Trend Edition Circus Circus: Essence Trend Edition Circus Circus is coming in December 2011. TE contains highlighter powder, eyeshadows, glitter eyeliners, lip lacquers,...

Look, I found new Essence image plates!!!

Look, I found new Essence image plates!!!

Review and swatches: Essence Re-Mix Your Style GIVE AWAY

Review and swatches: Essence Re-Mix Your Style Giveaway

This is a blog I follow with many great upto the moment information swatches ect ect she is great she is having a Giveaway and I wanted to share it with you. Go check it out click the link above for her details.

Review and swatches: Essence Vampire’s Love TE

Review and swatches: Essence Vampire’s Love TE
I had to pass this on cause the stores near me never ever get anything of the trend limited editions more less anything much by this company and they are a really good quality and cheap so if you can get Essecnse anything it is worth it. I found this on someone else blog I follow so this  ionformation is a repost from her blog, she has a great blog so check it out too.HUGZ EsteeDarla

Tuesday, November 8, 2011



Monday, November 7, 2011

Benefit's new Eyelashes $15.00 a Pair

This is the 

prima donna lash

The top lash is Prima Donna Lash 
The bottom is Debutante Lash
This is the case that is great for your re usable lashes and for future use for other things, I really love the quality of the lashes to the re usable container .

This is the top of the re usable case it slides off and back on 

Another picture of the Prima Donna Lash

A close up of Prima Donna Lash

This is the picture that is inside the container but comes out if you like

This is The Debutante Lash set on top of the plastic holder to re stick your lashes and the re usable case

Close up of the Debutante Lash

These lashes are $15.00 a pair, that is very pricey lashes I was told by and Ulta employee and Benefit vendor that they have for a month been using them and trying them out. This is what they had to say. If you take care of them and use them with care they will last for over 30 day's, With using the Lash Glue by Beneifit ($8.00 a tube) you can get away with wearing them for a week plus if your careful on how you remove your makeup and not rubbing your eye area. Knowing how well Benefit has proved to have Stay Put makeup already I figure after hearing this I had to give it a try, I would love if I could have re usable lashes for 30 plus days and if I don't have to put them on every day I could get up and go on about my day. 

So I am putting the Lashes and Glue under the EsteeDarla "Test" I will have to get back and let you know if this is true to what they told me and how I find how well they are as well as the glue. I can say they feel and look real they also have a good strong band but not thick to ware everyone can see it is obvious your wearing lashes, they do look very very natural. A special note they warned me of about the Lash Glue they said it only takes a thin thin thin line on the lash and not to use this glue on individual lash and not to get it on your real lashes and diffidently not to get it in your eye.

I will keep you all posted on the results. Make sure to also watch my YouTube Channel for lots of videos that pair up with all my post on here and much more.

Benefit's Lash Glue $8.00

 This is pictures I took myself after coming home and playing around with the glue and Lashes.
Another picture of the front of the box

the front view of the box

The back of the box

Above of the box packaging 

The Tube Looks like this

Applicator Tip looks like this

Comes with a paper with direction in many different languages 

This is how the Instructional paper looked after taking out the box

I have never seen or heard of Benefit's false Lashes and their own glue called Lash Glue. I bought 2 pair of lashes by Benefit and the glue came home and played around with it. I am still playing around and putting the products to the EsteeDarla "Test" LOL I am all about finding the best quality ,deals and whats a waste of money and so on to you as fast as I can. All in all I was told by and Ulta represented employee that was standing there with a benefit vendor that was there that this glue is pricey but it is of a different and of good quality, they said you only need a very very very fine fine fine line on your lash and it goes on and STAYS on. Benefit Cosmetic has proved their quality of products to stay on.

 Now this is what I was told by them and because of the reputation of Benefit I decided to buy the glue and some lashes. So as of right now I can say everything they said I will have to come back with a follow up for you cause I am putting threw my test and see how well it all holds up. I can say that it is a clear glue and does have a smell like crazy glue but doesn't stick your fingers together like crazy glue.

 I was also told by the two lady's telling me of the product that only use this for lashes that your putting on your skin not to add extension lashes and to make sure not to get this on your real lashes, and diffidently not to get it into your eyes. The most most important thing they said because of the strong-ness of the glue when it sticks together not to allow it to glue your eye lids together.

From my experiences people have by  mis take glued their lids together and their strip of lashes to their real lashes. So people because I am just getting them to try out and been warned these important tip's I wanted to pass it on to you.