Monday, November 7, 2011

Benefit's Lash Glue $8.00

 This is pictures I took myself after coming home and playing around with the glue and Lashes.
Another picture of the front of the box

the front view of the box

The back of the box

Above of the box packaging 

The Tube Looks like this

Applicator Tip looks like this

Comes with a paper with direction in many different languages 

This is how the Instructional paper looked after taking out the box

I have never seen or heard of Benefit's false Lashes and their own glue called Lash Glue. I bought 2 pair of lashes by Benefit and the glue came home and played around with it. I am still playing around and putting the products to the EsteeDarla "Test" LOL I am all about finding the best quality ,deals and whats a waste of money and so on to you as fast as I can. All in all I was told by and Ulta represented employee that was standing there with a benefit vendor that was there that this glue is pricey but it is of a different and of good quality, they said you only need a very very very fine fine fine line on your lash and it goes on and STAYS on. Benefit Cosmetic has proved their quality of products to stay on.

 Now this is what I was told by them and because of the reputation of Benefit I decided to buy the glue and some lashes. So as of right now I can say everything they said I will have to come back with a follow up for you cause I am putting threw my test and see how well it all holds up. I can say that it is a clear glue and does have a smell like crazy glue but doesn't stick your fingers together like crazy glue.

 I was also told by the two lady's telling me of the product that only use this for lashes that your putting on your skin not to add extension lashes and to make sure not to get this on your real lashes, and diffidently not to get it into your eyes. The most most important thing they said because of the strong-ness of the glue when it sticks together not to allow it to glue your eye lids together.

From my experiences people have by  mis take glued their lids together and their strip of lashes to their real lashes. So people because I am just getting them to try out and been warned these important tip's I wanted to pass it on to you.

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