Monday, January 31, 2011

Everything I Removed Off My Channel I Pasted Here INFO

I Just re edited my YouTube Channel Description and About Me  Box
Down below is what I copied and re pasted directly to my blog so I could shorten
my description and about me areas to put more pin point accurate fast and easy non confusing info and contact. I will make a section on here for up dates changes or anything I copy  to paste here because of editing. I don't like to waste others times and I
Like to make sure it's fast and easy and very understanding for you..

All about beauty, makeup, hair, skin care, nail art ,budgeting, working with what you have, with in your budget and space. and everything between to reviews, demonstrations, tutorials, how to, advice, tips. Contest on It’s Way!!!!

If you want me to do reviews on particular products let me know and if I don't already own it I will do my best to get the things and do the reviews.

JUST A NOTE; I paid for everything no one has gave me anything to get a review out of me. this is all my own honest opinion.

If You need to contact me A.S.A.P.  email

No matter how old we are there's something to learn from the next person. We all have something to bring to the table and share. This is my way of helping others to. I love to show people how to come up with looks, try new things, and work with what you have, within your budget.

On this channel I will be showing ways to work with so little but look like you spent hours getting ready. I will be using cheap to high end products so everyone feels included. Some of the cheaper products are the better ones so look out here I come to show you daily tips and tricks of love for beauty.

I am 42, have oily skin most of the time, blotchy redness sometimes, depending on the weather and ware I am in the world my skin does it's own thing. So I had to get creative and learn how to accommodate and adjust my looks with in my means, budget, and location. Sometimes I wasn't always easily to go to stores and get things.

 I always get compliments on how good my skin looks, how nice my make up is done and so on. So I decided after getting a call one day from some one I never met who had just paid a Well Know Make Up Artist almost $400.00 US ,she spent 6 hours there and came out looking like she only put a little powder maybe on her. I was fortunately able to walk her threw some very simple fast quick steps (we all over sleep sometime in our lives Right? We got to rush and hurry to get our makeup done and get out the door. Oh yeah it's happened to me allot with my hecked schedule.)
She made it and was very pleased to call me back to not only thank me but also to tell me how people complemented her all day. Fast

Forward --- Here I am making a channel to be of any help I can for others. I live and devote my life to helping others.
My Personal Site
Or Just Google Esteedarla
Things To Come SHORTLY:::::
Reviews, Demonstrations, Applications, How To's, Every type of look for every type of person, Alter Ego..Yeah You Know how it goes!@#$@!#,Contest,Giveaways,ALLOT of surprises coming up.

Who knows ware this may or may not go but I am not doing this for money or popularity.

I have always loved makeup and playing around figuring out different looks, and just to play and get all dolled up LOL.

Hope you all like what I bring to the Channel. I diffidently will be doing uploads very frequently and not just stupid stuff to just upload it will have to be a worth while for me to bring it .

Friday, January 28, 2011

L'Oreal RevitalLift Deep Set Wrinkle Cream and Complete Review

L'Oreal RevitalLift
Complete and Deep Set Wrinkles

I started using these on Jan. 17th 2011
After 2 weeks my 'Take"

In the two weeks time I should of seen some kind of better results at least a hint, what I did find the Deep Set Wrinkle Cream  plumed up my lips for the first week now they are in the 8th day on going back down, I did not see any results around my eyes for wrinkles or fine line. I also have expression lines on my forehead and I still did not see no results. When I say no results I mean not even a hint of results. I know it takes sometimes 4 weeks to start seeing results but I have tested enough products over the years to know at least leading up to the 2nd week you see some kind of HINT of something happing.

Besides that it does smell good, no irritations. My sister said the first time she used the creams around her eyes she felt a little irritations but with in a few hours it was totally gone. She doesn't use allot of products like I do so I really feel it is cause I am the one using stuff all the time so I am I guesses amuned to those types of things and she isn't cause she is more on the Looking natural side. Also she has sensitive skin and I don't.

For the price I would try something else cause theres allot of other products out there for the same price. Also L'Oreal does have many great products so just cause it didn't work for me don't mean it won't work for you. So do your research see what others have to say  as well. It might be a product works better for different skin type or what have you. So try it if you want or try another product by them if you choose their products.

This is not what I would recommend from my experienced and my sister and me both tested it out for the 2 weeks and neither of us had any luck. You make your choice on it if you want to purchase it.

NOTE: Save your receipts and find out ware you buy any products at what the return policy is so if you have a chance to return something you don't like so your not out the money.

Wet N Wild Mega Lash Serum Review

Wet N Wild Mega Lash Serum

I have been using this for 1 week so far  after 3-4 days people around me started telling me how it appeared I had mascara on.
It's says it takes up to 4 weeks to see full results but I am already AMAZED and HAPPY
I diffidently recommended this product.
I also have extreamly thin leashes to start with. I also am noticing as well every day more and more lashed growing in on my lashes ware normally I don't have any lashes visible at all.
I apply it every morning and night on clean lashes. I do use mascara over it in the day time and had no problem applying my mascara after giving at least a minuet to completely dry. It was dry before that but I was doing other things so for sure minuet your going to be good.
It did not burn, sting, no kind of irritation what so ever, no smell. I always recommend on anything using near eyes be careful not to get into eyes I got very close to my eyes with it but did not get n irritation of any kind but be careful in any event with anything.

NOT: When I am review a product and putting it to the test to see if it works or not I only use that product during the time I am testing it out and I use it according to the directions. I don't use anything else that could cause the results to not b e accurate.

Hugz and Kisses EsteeDarla

Saturday, January 22, 2011

More Videos Up

First, I want to thank everyone for the over whelming support and Love I have received from so many. It is truly a blessing to have seen the response since starting the Channel. I also want to thank everyone for being so Patience and understanding with me while I get the videos uploaded, title,tagged and all that good stuff.

Also I am getting my home base studio room redone since I decided if I am going to get this channel right (I am a perfectionist) but I wanted to start from the bottom and work up. Cause I want others to see how you can start out with what you already have laying around. But for me to really show allot of the things coming up I really need things to be more clearly seen in photo's and videos. I have a X streamly busy scheduled cause I travel allot due to my company. So I have to be creative and do things around my traveling and schedule's as it is. I am also going to show coming up how to do and home base studio at a very reasonably coast. So people start looking at deals, sales, craigslist  ect ect...

Since I am working on just getting the YouTube videos up an all that stuff, later this week I will have more time to focus on getting all the detailed info that will go in hand with my YouTube channel .

Don't forget if you have some products you would like me to do a review on email,post, letting me know. I live in the UK but I do travel allot to the US, Next week I will be in Germany for 2 weeks, then off to Russia. So if anything you know is sold in those areas let me know so while I am there I can pick those items up. I will be shopping anyways but you may know of something I don't since I only travel to those areas and don't live there. But if it isn't ware I can get the items I will do  my best to get online and order them.

I pay for everything myself no one gives me anything to promote or give false reviews. So when I review something it is diffidently paid for by me and it is my own opinion and take on what ever it is I am reviewing. I am not going to recommend something to someone if I haven't had time to check it out. I am pretty good about knowing ingredants( I can't spell) and the quality off the top to be able to try out something and know if it is worth while but usually by the time I get a video up I had if it is a new product at least 4-5 days to really try it out. Allot of things I will be sharing are things I have used for long time from 8 months to 20 years.

I will say what ever it is a new product first time using  or what have you.

Love You All
Hugz N Kisses

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Getting Details On everything I review, use....

Hello Everyone,

I am so glad for you all to take the time to stop by and read my blog, watch my Channels. My most important thing out of it all is to bring to you what you like and are interested in for your self as well. I do work outside of doing my Channel and Blog so I am balancing making videos, editing them,uploading,then doing a more detail writing write up I guess you want to call it on each and everything thing I cover from my reviews to what I wear or things I may talk about. So if you see some videos that are uploaded and are not tiled just yet thats reason is cause I started the upload process (it takes so long to do) and went off to work on trying to tile,keyword,description, for the videos while they upload. Now that that part is done ,I now most like am off to working so I have to fit in to getting the fine details write up for my blog along with still shot pictures some ware in between the day or two from getting the video up

I am doing this all on my own and fitting it into my scheduled and I sure love it and don't mind. I am enjoying it and make a point to after doing my work or what every my responsibly may be getting this done to. Not only do I have 50-60 hours a week tied up with my job sometimes longer hours than that, I also am a FAMILY person so before I do anything I deal with my family matters, quality time is very important to me so once I finish that, I set down to do more on the Channel and Blog.

It means allot to  me to share my experienced along the way so other can see it can be done and it's hard as it may seem. I self taught myself in between working and doing family things. I also am getting many more thing prepared to do on the channel and theres allot of planing going into it. When I decided to do the channel I knew there was a Major Challenge to come out of it and I was up for the Challenge and really Happy I choice this to be my challenge of the year.

Love you All, Hugz n Kisses XOXOXOXO

Email Your Request and Question's

If you have any question’s, request please feel free to post or email them to me. If you want reviews and looks to be created from any particular products just let me know and if it isn’t something that I already own I will do my best Hail, Rain, Snow, Slate what ever to get it and bring it to you at warp speed like last week. Hugz N Kisses XOXOXOXO EsteeDarla

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Working With in Your Means !!!!

Working With What you Have !!!
Working With In Your Budget !!!
Working With In Your Space !!!

As you see at this point of my Channel you will notice my videos some looks good, some is a OK, some are just I should of left them out of the uploads..Well the main reason I am uploading allot of a little of everything, so people can see the begin of starting out, the use of different lighting sources ( that you already have ), different cameras, video cams, what ever device to film videos take pictures, (all that you already have), then the space I work with in. Allot of times some of us can get intimated in starting blogs or videos channels cause you think either you don't have the money to buy all this stuff to video stuff, you may think you don't have a nice space or big enough space to shot your pictures and videos, or you just might think you don't have anything good to show or share or Bring To The Table. 

Thats why I thought it was important to go around my house gather up things to make  pictures and  videos, once I did all that I had to learn (Self taught Myself watching others video channels, reading others blogs) how to start recording and taking good quality pictures, along with getting good quality audio all with what I had already. I have not bought anything to get the channel started. it was a personal challenge on my self I wanted to set out to do so others can see how simple it really easy with a little effort put into it and best off again your working with in your means,what you have already.

Now comes to the day I start to upload videos. I need to learn more stuff so I did that I get videos and pictures up and see or hear either my audio isn't good in some and in some they are, then my lighting was off in some and then in some they was good. So keeping track of witch device I used for that video or pictures and ware in my space I worked like in my bathroom,my bedroom, outside. After realize my mis takes I re did  more  videos to upload everything went well except for I for got to turn on my lights and flash LOL..Other than that i would of already had mad 11 good videos with very in expensive equipment.

I am going to also post pictures up of the work space I and using and how it's set up with my lighting placement and things so you can see after I jumped on this mission how simple it really was and of coarse I had lots of fun to the challenge of figuring this and that up. I meet some really great new friends whom was helpful with advice and tips to what I needed to do or not do. I hope to encourage others to do the same in anything you want to do. we all have something to bring to the table and offer. no matter how un important something may seem to you may be very important to others. So share what you feel up to.

REMEMBER; We are working with in Our means, Budget, space. You will have plenty of time to pick up things on sale or add to your collection what have you depend on what your channel is being based on. So no hurry to run out and spend allot of money. Why spend what you don't need or can wait on getting.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Getting Beauty Channel N Blog Started

I decided to really challenge myself with a new project after deciding to start a you tube channel and blog.I decided to not only create it but also do everything thing from self teaching and learning myself to create more than makeup looks, to learn the whole process from a-z in creating and customizing blog,profiles,social network pages of all sorts, to learning the filming with different types of devices and equipment,then to uploading all the videos and pictures to start learning how to editing and then bring to the I internet to share in different places around the web to reach more people from all walks of life.

As I started my journey I gave my self a set goal date to launch and have everything ready witch was Jan 1st,2011 I wanted to have all y pages done and linked up together and the channel and blog going with my reviews,guides,Hot-to's and much more. I am running 2 weeks and a day early so I am glad for that. being that I had no ideal how to video tape and cut,slice,edit,upload and edit some more,and of coarse had to get my lighting and audio right as well not to mention so much more to learning how to do more and more and more stuff .I have done very well. in the mist of it all it was important for me to not only provide reviews and guides,tips for others to see and read but also I really wanted to keep it SIMPLE, and IN-Expensive. I manged to do that as well.

I want to Announce that as you see along the way I will be sharing everything I figured out and learned from others online as well as my experienced at the same time to bring you lots of tips,hot to's,reviews,whats new ,whats a hit or miss and so much more. I have no clue ware this may lead but my main focus is to help others and be of any help I can at all times. Thank you for come by and checking out my page even though it's fairly new I can promise lots of great stuff to come.

Hugz N Kisses XOXOXOXO