Monday, November 26, 2012

CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss, Forever Festive 185

CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss, Forever Festive 185 Pictures

I also did a YouTube video 

I have to give this over the top 10 cause it is the base top and nail polish all in one, last over 4 days with out chipping I will let you know how many days I get with 3 different colors from this collection. Dries fast looks like you spent and hour preparing your nails , the finish is great I have pealing nails so the tips of my nails are always ridged up and this evened it out you couldn't tell it after one coat of polish you don't need to one is true to color from the bottle. Very faint smell not strong at all. To top it off the color red is right on point. If you love red polishes but never can get that right shade I'm sure your going to be very happy with this one it's the one we all are trying to find but never can.

Coast Approx.$6.99

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Raggio di Luna Nails: NYC n° 228 Chelsea

Raggio di Luna Nails: NYC n° 228 Chelsea: Vi presento lo smalto NYC n° 228 Chelsea. Fotografie: fuori al sole. Due strati di smalto. Predstavljam vam lak za nokte  NYC n° 228 Chelse...

Saturday, September 15, 2012

L'Oreal 'Project Runway' Makeup: Peep the Whole Collection Before It Drops This Fall

Sneak Peek at loreal Runway collection 2012

I had to share this cause these are some gourgous colors and if you don't like them all like me LOL you will love most something for everyone, I must say I already know when I do find this most will be sold and Ill have to take whats left and order the west off line LOL but it's worth it.I'm still using colors from last years collection LOL

Friday, September 14, 2012

Beauty Kitten: Mary-Lou Manizer by theBalm!

Beauty Kitten: Mary-Lou Manizer by theBalm!: I'm happy to say that I now own the Mary-Lou Manizer by theBalm! I've wanted this product for a while and when theBalm was on Hautelook a...

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

L'Oreal Colour Riche Colour Caresse Lipstick, Cherry Tulle 179 (SWATCHES) Review

I uploaded from my phone and the pictures went in a mixed up order but here it goes, the colors in this collection are sheer they just help to give you a natural pop of color not anything over powering, Like colors like this to put on top of other colors to help make a new shade or effect or tone down something that is over powering for the moment. So these are nice for that and Ex StreamLY moisturizing for your lips.However they are not long lasting with in 45 min of doing nothing and wearing it straight on my lips with no base or lip primer of any kind it wore off I had a very very little hint of after color but barely.

You never want to over work you skin,lips so to use this everyday with how moisturizing as it is may not be for everyone, people with chapped and dry lips or cracking problems may love to wear this everyday. this would be great for the summer chapped lips and winter chapped lips times we all almost go threw at times other than that it would be something I would make more shades out of or wear from time to time. There was no smell or any irritation at all, went on very sheer silky smooth, if you have lipsticks that are a little harder to blend add a tad bit of this to your lips and the other lip product you have and it will blend very nicely. If your wearing this on your own because the staying power isn't long as a stand alone feathering won't be a problem but if you are needed to mix it up with other lip products depending on the other products you make want to make sure to use a lip liner more wax base to help from any feathering.

I would recommend it because there's a great amount this product will do and is very versatile for all seasons,skin tones, and ages. I always look to see the versatility,quality,and how many people from all walks of life can get good use out of. I don't have problems with cracking dry lips on a regular bases, but being that I do at the change of seasons run into that issues this is nice to have on hand for that , and in-between I can also mix it up to wear with out over working my lips to be to moisturized . All and all I can easily wear this 2-4 times a week with no prob if I really wanted to. Like I did for the review on the different colors.

YouTube Video on my channel of the swatches

All 3 above picture's are taking onside the house, and show the most of the real color you see compared to the way the other outside pix took.

Swatch on my hand outside


These pictures of them in the tube isn't showing so clear as on  my lips and my swatch..

Outside, it appears more lighter in the picture, in person it more look like the pictures I took inside

I know didn't come out too clear

Swatch outside

in the tube



Thursday, August 16, 2012

Monday, August 6, 2012

Sneak Peak Project Runway x L'Oreal Fall 2012 Makeup Collection

Sneak Peak

Another Sneak Peak

I had to share this with you I got allot of the Project runway last year and this collection this year is topped it off really high , they are amazing and everything in the collection is a must have for allot of us . I will be watching for this line to come out and I will be getting every piece in it and doing tutorials and swatches ..

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

GEMSIES: Beauty UK Stripey Blusher

GEMSIES: Beauty UK Stripey Blusher: I'm not particularly a blusher person, I'm more of a bronzer person, this is because I've never seemed to find the rig...

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Pinkbox Makeup: Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipcolour Review

Pinkbox Makeup: Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipcolour Review: Im not sure if you have tried out maybelline's moisture extreme lipsticks but if you havent, you definately should! I previously bought one ...

*The New Beauty Review*: Loose Lips Share Tips-Vol. 4

*The New Beauty Review*: Loose Lips Share Tips-Vol. 4: This "Lip Of The Day" collection is the last of it for April 2012...Enjoy!  (L to R) Bold And Brash , Ban This!, Harlot , Gimme Tha...

Thursday, July 5, 2012

LA Colors Color Craze nail Polish Swatches (Wave Length and Perfect Sunset)

 I used Sally Hansen Double Duty as my base and top coat, 1 coat each, I applied 2 coats of each polish. These are not new polishes but they are bright  for the summer so I wanted to post them. Even with two coats they are still sheer coverage to ware you can still see my white finger nail tips threw the polish. Not really bad but it still shows threw.

They all 3 dry fast , I like to allow each coat  to fully dry before applying the next coat. If you don't it does take 3 times longer for your polish to completely dry. Non of these polish have a strong smell so if you don't like strong nail polish smells your good with these. very light smell. Another tip is if you polish your nails in a cool environment they will adhere and dry faster.

The best to describe these colors are both have a micro shimmer just a bit to ware the colors don't look flat or matt. The Wave Length polish is a bright yellow color with a gold undertone to it so it appears like the gold undertone really tones down the yellow a little but still keeps that bright color for summer.

Now on to the orange color Perfect Sunset is a pumpkin shade with that dab of micro shimmer to it.

Sally Hansen Double Duty reminds me of a dupe of Seche

I recommend if you want more full coverage of color to use after applying your clear base coat,apply a base color that will coordinate;with these,for example,black,white,yellow,orange,or red. Get a little creative and add dark purple then gold,or brown or bronze then either orange or gold La Colors. Use your imagine nation. It's been awhile since wearing these shades so I will have to post back on wearing time. I have found if your nails are properly prepared before applying your polishes they will last longer than a few days.

2 coats NP426 Perfect Sunset

2 Coats NP413 Wave Length

NP413 Wave Length

NP413 Wave Length

NP426 Perfect Sunset

From Left to RightNP413 Wave Length,Sally Hansen Double Duty, and NP426 Perfect Sunset

Sally Hansen Double Duty

NP413 Wave Length

NP413 Wave Length

NP426 Perfect Sunset

NP426 Perfect Sunset

NP426 Perfect Sunset

--------------------------------All Pix Below Are out side------------------------------

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Bliss High Intensity Hand Cream Review

My self I love a light weight lotion cream ,non greasy but works just like the heavier creams and lotions do. I found it with this. Not only does it work but it works almost on contact. What I mean by that. I am a diabetic and have trouble with out of the no ware I get instant saver dry skin that starts cracking. The worst is for my skin  to crack on my fingers ware you move them ,like a paper cut but worse.

I have tried allot of hand lotions, spa creams ect and allot of them did work but took over days and some time weeks, then I would have to use them ALL the time to keep this issue at bay. With Bliss I don't when I get these problem cracking dry skin on saver to just a little dry I add a lil (A little goes along ways) to the area giving me the problems and with in 3-5 minuets it is 100 percent a forgotten issue tile the next time if I don't hear and there use it. If I do use it every 4-6 days I don't have any up coming problems it keeps it under control.

The good thing is as soon as I get the paper cut feeling and apply a little dab of this it stops that feeling of the hurt I get from the cracked skin skin right on contact and before I know it I'm on my way doing what ever for the day. Apply and Forget. I mean with in seconds but it soaks into your skin completely with in 3-5 minuets depending on the room temp and conditions around you. I applied this in hot humid day out side and  by the 5 minuets it was totally soak in, when I apply this in a 72 degree room it less than 3 minuets soaks in.

This is what the company says about this product


• supreme softening and surface smoothing
• silky but grease-free
• smooths rough cuticles

"Working minor miracles on ragged cuticles, Bliss High Intensity Hand Cream got high-fives for being 'light, lovely, and lemony'." 


It's all true , it smells like someone just squeezed fresh lemons in the room but not too strong and the smell fades fairly fast so I f your someone who don't like fragrance it isn't a irritating smell its light and refreshing.

Hear you can see it is light weight but not runny watery like those cheap no good ones are.

 This is a picture of the tube I am using right now

Another picture.

Bliss World Web Site

You can find this in places like Ulta, Sephora or other places like that. Online is for sure a place to find it  LOL

Hope this help on any dry skin issues for people or if you know someone who is having these issues you can recommend this product.

However I did find this to be a favorite and work for all ages , all skin types and issues to no skin issues. It is a good hand cream for the entire family

Final thought it goes on silky smooth ,light weight,non greasy and feels like you have nothing on with in your first 30 seconds

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

YouToo New Site

Youtoo is the next frontier of social networking. It's both a social network and a television network with advanced technology that makes them work together.
Since millions of people want to be on TV, we created a website and an app for that.
Today’s social networks only allow you to interact with your friends or followers. But Youtoo allows you to interact with millions on national TV. Plus, it integrates with your current social network so you can share your Yootoo experience with friends.
Everybody wants to be on TV. In the first year, Youtoo will put over 150,000 people just like you on national television – from anywhere. But there are rules to being on TV.
Youtoo TV is currently in 15 million cable households in the US and growing fast. Just like any other cable network, you have to look up Youtoo TV on your cable guide.
If you don’t get Youtoo TV, call your cable or satellite provider and demand your Youtoo TV!
Oh, yea. One last thing. Be patient with us as we're in Beta.
(Click here to get started)
Contact us here

I just joined a few days ago to YouToo and Bloggerdise and wanted to share with you all cause they are really cool. i am still checking them out so I can write about them but they are cool and benefits us all..

Bloggerdise New Site

Hi there!

Just wanted to tell you about a great new website I found. ( is a FREE service that helps businesses and bloggers connect!

 Make sure to mention I referred you LOL

Bloggerdise™ - Where business and blogs take flight

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Maybelline Dream Fresh 8-in-1 BB Cream Swatches

I was able to get good swatches even blended in on my hand and face all five shades.

First I will label the pictures and give my first impression take on it below.

Some Picture's of the display

Shades going from Darkest(L) to Lightest(R)
Medium Deep
Light Medium

Just another angel of the same above

Close up of Light

Medium on the Left
Light medium on the right

Deep on the Left
Medium deep in the middle 
Medium barely sticking out on the right

All blending out
I tried not to bled it to much so you could see on the 2 darkest shades but it does disappear 

Same as above just different angel
Shades going from Darkest(L) to Lightest(R)
Medium Deep
Light Medium

Now this is ware you can see 4 of the shades all at once on my face
Can you tell witch shade is ware?? Exactly What I said to my self.
My forehead has shade Light Medium
My nose has shade Medium
Left side as you look at picture below eye and check area has shade Deep
reverse side has Medium Deep

Below eye and check area Medium deep
Nose Medium 
Forehead light to Medium 

Chin has the lightest shade

Chin shade Light

As you can see coverage is Zero
No matter what shade you use.

Ok now let me give you my first impression, I know what BB Cream's are in Asia and this is not what I come to know BB Creams to be so with that being said I wondered what is this really and is it worth anything.

So far the only thing I felt it could be worth is  keeping oily at bay and  to use for a primer.

It did go on very smooth and easily blended out ,didn't feel oily or anything like that it littler y felt like nothing was on my skin and looked same way. I didn't get any kind of great glowing radiance with it, it didn't help to hide fine lines ,pores large and small. It diffidently isn't a stand alone product so now here I go to really start trying to figure it out and see what it can do. This week I will be trying it out in other ways even trying more layers of it on to see if that may help but I know I had enough product on to start with  so now I'm just wondering more about it. I will also be doing some research on the ingredients and breaking it down to make more since of it so I can better explain it to you all.

Stay tune for a full review of what I can learn more about on this product . As fast as I can get my hands on all the other BB Creams being sold in US i will get them and do reviews and swatches as well.