Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Bliss High Intensity Hand Cream Review

My self I love a light weight lotion cream ,non greasy but works just like the heavier creams and lotions do. I found it with this. Not only does it work but it works almost on contact. What I mean by that. I am a diabetic and have trouble with out of the no ware I get instant saver dry skin that starts cracking. The worst is for my skin  to crack on my fingers ware you move them ,like a paper cut but worse.

I have tried allot of hand lotions, spa creams ect and allot of them did work but took over days and some time weeks, then I would have to use them ALL the time to keep this issue at bay. With Bliss I don't when I get these problem cracking dry skin on saver to just a little dry I add a lil (A little goes along ways) to the area giving me the problems and with in 3-5 minuets it is 100 percent a forgotten issue tile the next time if I don't hear and there use it. If I do use it every 4-6 days I don't have any up coming problems it keeps it under control.

The good thing is as soon as I get the paper cut feeling and apply a little dab of this it stops that feeling of the hurt I get from the cracked skin skin right on contact and before I know it I'm on my way doing what ever for the day. Apply and Forget. I mean with in seconds but it soaks into your skin completely with in 3-5 minuets depending on the room temp and conditions around you. I applied this in hot humid day out side and  by the 5 minuets it was totally soak in, when I apply this in a 72 degree room it less than 3 minuets soaks in.

This is what the company says about this product


• supreme softening and surface smoothing
• silky but grease-free
• smooths rough cuticles

"Working minor miracles on ragged cuticles, Bliss High Intensity Hand Cream got high-fives for being 'light, lovely, and lemony'." 


It's all true , it smells like someone just squeezed fresh lemons in the room but not too strong and the smell fades fairly fast so I f your someone who don't like fragrance it isn't a irritating smell its light and refreshing.

Hear you can see it is light weight but not runny watery like those cheap no good ones are.

 This is a picture of the tube I am using right now

Another picture.

Bliss World Web Site

You can find this in places like Ulta, Sephora or other places like that. Online is for sure a place to find it  LOL

Hope this help on any dry skin issues for people or if you know someone who is having these issues you can recommend this product.

However I did find this to be a favorite and work for all ages , all skin types and issues to no skin issues. It is a good hand cream for the entire family

Final thought it goes on silky smooth ,light weight,non greasy and feels like you have nothing on with in your first 30 seconds


  1. When I choose my beauty products I use the feedback I have from the products I previous used and I consider the level of satisfication that is offered by the product I have in use.Thank you for following me too!

  2. Thank you so much I appreciate you commenting and stopping by too HUGZ!!!