Sunday, July 1, 2012

CoveGirl 425 Vintage Wine Lip Swatch

This is a great long wearing lipstick but the color is gray for every skin tone. I have wore this all year round and it worked perfect for cold to hot days.

Its not creamy or waxy. Its is so close to the Cover Girl Lip Blast, I mean very close.

Another great thing about this lip stick its on just bar skin and lips, our with full makeup, base, primers you never get any bleeding or feathering.

It is like this was out Atty a time they were still mixing formulas to perfect it for the Lip Blast.

Depending on room temp the lip stick will set with in on average 3 to five min. I recommend when applying any makeup this is a good tip for every one to make sure your face is been exfoliated, cleansed, and toned, and make sure your fave is had time to dry and stay dry. Not dry your face and still have it a little sweaty. If you allow your face to completly then stay applying makeup and lip stick ,then let everything set for at least 3 to 5 min with out making any faces you will see how well the makeup work and last.

Any request please post our email.

I also did a video on my YouTube on this swatch.


  1. I am really impressed with this shade it give you that pop of elegance of color with out over powering you at the same time..