Sunday, July 1, 2012

Maybelline Dream Fresh 8-in-1 BB Cream Swatches

I was able to get good swatches even blended in on my hand and face all five shades.

First I will label the pictures and give my first impression take on it below.

Some Picture's of the display

Shades going from Darkest(L) to Lightest(R)
Medium Deep
Light Medium

Just another angel of the same above

Close up of Light

Medium on the Left
Light medium on the right

Deep on the Left
Medium deep in the middle 
Medium barely sticking out on the right

All blending out
I tried not to bled it to much so you could see on the 2 darkest shades but it does disappear 

Same as above just different angel
Shades going from Darkest(L) to Lightest(R)
Medium Deep
Light Medium

Now this is ware you can see 4 of the shades all at once on my face
Can you tell witch shade is ware?? Exactly What I said to my self.
My forehead has shade Light Medium
My nose has shade Medium
Left side as you look at picture below eye and check area has shade Deep
reverse side has Medium Deep

Below eye and check area Medium deep
Nose Medium 
Forehead light to Medium 

Chin has the lightest shade

Chin shade Light

As you can see coverage is Zero
No matter what shade you use.

Ok now let me give you my first impression, I know what BB Cream's are in Asia and this is not what I come to know BB Creams to be so with that being said I wondered what is this really and is it worth anything.

So far the only thing I felt it could be worth is  keeping oily at bay and  to use for a primer.

It did go on very smooth and easily blended out ,didn't feel oily or anything like that it littler y felt like nothing was on my skin and looked same way. I didn't get any kind of great glowing radiance with it, it didn't help to hide fine lines ,pores large and small. It diffidently isn't a stand alone product so now here I go to really start trying to figure it out and see what it can do. This week I will be trying it out in other ways even trying more layers of it on to see if that may help but I know I had enough product on to start with  so now I'm just wondering more about it. I will also be doing some research on the ingredients and breaking it down to make more since of it so I can better explain it to you all.

Stay tune for a full review of what I can learn more about on this product . As fast as I can get my hands on all the other BB Creams being sold in US i will get them and do reviews and swatches as well.


  1. I was curious about this makeup: lasting power and the finish. Can't wait to hear about it.

  2. I am going to really test this product out threw this week, but not too sure about it just yet. I'm a little confused. I am editing the post now with details..