Tuesday, July 3, 2012

YouToo New Site

Youtoo is the next frontier of social networking. It's both a social network and a television network with advanced technology that makes them work together.
Since millions of people want to be on TV, we created a website and an app for that.
Today’s social networks only allow you to interact with your friends or followers. But Youtoo allows you to interact with millions on national TV. Plus, it integrates with your current social network so you can share your Yootoo experience with friends.
Everybody wants to be on TV. In the first year, Youtoo will put over 150,000 people just like you on national television – from anywhere. But there are rules to being on TV.
Youtoo TV is currently in 15 million cable households in the US and growing fast. Just like any other cable network, you have to look up Youtoo TV on your cable guide.
If you don’t get Youtoo TV, call your cable or satellite provider and demand your Youtoo TV!
Oh, yea. One last thing. Be patient with us as we're in Beta.
(Click here to get started)
Contact us here

I just joined a few days ago to YouToo and Bloggerdise and wanted to share with you all cause they are really cool. i am still checking them out so I can write about them but they are cool and benefits us all..

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