Saturday, June 30, 2012

Graphic this is What Animals go threw for Cosmetic Companies to keep making Money

I ran across this from another Blogger and now I am trying to get further information that's correct cause I was clearly told and informed some cosmetic company's say they don't test on animals but still are. I wanted to share this with you while I finish doing more research on this and the company's that are lieing to us..

Be ready to have a strong stomach when going to this and reading it , it is very true and it should not be ignored any further. I have animals and I love all life of any species. I don't ever want to be buying any products that are tested on animals I can't even eat animal products after seeing what the animals go threw to be on our tables..

Please share with other cause so many of us out here are not aware of what really is going on...

Very Graphic Stop Animal Testing

Monday, June 18, 2012

L'Oreal Youth Code BB Cream Illuminator SPF 15, Medium

I Purchase this a month ago offline because I was so tired of not being able to find them in my local store. I have been using it for a month. I have all the BB Creams now in the USA (I will be doing individual post on each) this is in 2 shades in witch I find it to auto match with in minuets of applying it. I also found this to work for all skin types, ages, climates. I passed on tubes to family and friends when I first got them in and this gave me a wide ray of opinion from them all differences types of skin and problems and issues as well as climate and ages.

It applies silky smooth, very light weight, Mary’s right to your skin as fast as you put it on, blends and spreads out effortless, It feels like nothing is on your skin, stays on in place don't move or feel like you got something on your hands if you touch your face, a beautiful radiant glow, oil control, very very very faint smell so faint you almost don't realize it. You get full coverage with one application. if you are someone with severe dark circles or blemishes from sharing you can pat on top of those areas a lil bit more and get the 110 percent coverage, but for the most of people with just minor uneven blemishes nothing extreme you will get the full coverage first attempt.

Effortless, fast ready to go no waiting for it to set it applies and set that's fast and you can go as is or add the rest of you makeup. I used this stand-alone just with a fresh clean face(Make sure in any thing you do before your makeup of any type always start with a clean face). I also tried it with primer then this on top, then several days later I tried it with primer, this BB Cream and setting powder, Basically every way possible to try this out I did I mixed up the different to get the ideal how it would work under different ways applied with different products and under humid days rainy cold ect and this PASSED everything I could do to see if it would hold up.

Now for the big plus it won't clog up your pores or break you out, if you’re tired and don't have time to always do a skin care regimen to take off your products I found by leaving this on going to sleep I woke up with still a beautiful glow and radiance, Every day after each use and regular use you will find your face clearing up ,fading any imperfections. It truly loves and protects your skin.

Another test I put this product under is age spots on legs hands and arms. I am getting ages spots on my legs due to my age and health issues I have , so I figure let me see what it will do for those areas as well and several other I gave the product to with instructions of how I needed them to test the product out  so I could give a detailed review. Some had age spots on their chest shoulders, arms hands and legs. We all found this diminishes them more and more every day.

This is like and all in one product I was surprised at all the ways it worked and held up. I am very busy I travel allot and don't have loads of time to be in the mirror putting lots of product on , Some days I have 3-5 min and have to go so that usually just mascara days but with this I can apply it add mascara and go.

I rate this a 10 Plus
I highly recommend this to everyone even men

Follow post and video coming up soon with pictures of the before and after.

This is ware you can order from

Video on The Loreal BB Cream I did

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wet n Wild Chrome I Got a New Pewter

I grab one of the polishes from this new collection and was very impressed cause I've paid allot more for the type chrome polishes, I paid 2.99 for it here its the bottle and my swatches.