Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Firmoo Global Optical Eye Glasses Review and Demostration

Global Online Optical Store

I been wearing glasses for many years now for prescription needs to style needs as well and a must for me beside those needs is to beat the sun I wear sun glasses all the time no matter what. Over the years I have really ran threw allot of up's and downs' with buying glasses and I know quality and a bang for my buck. I was AMAZED at the Quality,variety,what all you get with your purchase with out any additional cost, the wear and tear the glasses and accessories will take and still look new, how fast I received them after placing my order,how fast you get customer service and answers. Let's get to the full review and what my experiences has been and i have to say it was a very good one i am now found my place at to get all my optical needs.

I placed my order around midnight ,I received my package two days later, WOW talk about fast, I was more amazed with how well they package things up for shipping so you get your products in good shape. As you will see in the pictures below everything I got how it came and me wearing them after a month of wearing them under all sorts of condition's. There is a wide wide range of products to choose from for everyone, I find the pair of glasses I want and it was so easy and simple to do their easy to follow fast steps to measure your eyes to make sure you get the perfect fit eye glasses every-time and costume to your face.Only took me a few seconds to read and do and that was done.I was able to choose the type and style of cases as well as my glasses. For under with shipping $35.00 I received a pair of excellent quality glasses that can be compared to high end glasses like Dior,Gucci,Tom Ford,list goes on, two eye glass cases one hard cases, one soft cases,a huge cleaning cloth and made of very good quality not those cheap one that are extremely small and made out of crap this was very good quality and huge,a key chain tool that's a 2 in one for tighten,loosen up your eye glasses as you need witch I can tell you now your not going to have to use any time soon.

Now lets talk about the glasses they was a perfect fit, so comfortable I kept going to bed with them on my face and my sister had to take them off my face wile I was sleeping, they are so comfortable don't feel like you are even wearing glasses and and so crystal clear you feel like your looking right threw your own eyes. it's so hard to find glasses to be comfortable for starters and look crystal clear at the same time, normally your lucky if you can find a pair of glasses to have one thing your happy with. With Firmoo I know your going to be as happy as I am with mine. They stayed on my face never did they move, that is something I couldn't get out of any glasses to date and trust me when I say I have bought eye glasses from cheap to high end and I have to tell you I was never happy tile I found When I bend over ,down my glasses didn't budge now you see why I feel asleep with them on LOL. I was jogging they didn't move,then for the huge topper I went to the beach in salt water and was swimming around playing on the inter tube floats, jumping in and out of the water off the boat when I realized I had my glasses on I just knew the salt water was going to take it tool on them really fast, guess what 2 months later and they still look like they did when I got them, no scratches either.

See for your self click the link above to shop or just browse, click my YouTube link above to see my full review in video .