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Lipstick Remix WANTED

I've been looking to buy the mold or kit anyone who wants to sale their kit or mold I would love to buy
It please contact me ASAP any time day or night. or call me (956)242-0362

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

New WetnWild Glitter Holiday Eye-Shadow Trio's Collection In The Spot Light

WetnWild Glitter Trio's why is everyone downing the quality?? Not sure but I always k open mind and look at things from every angle view what may not be good for one can be good for others. First t clearly states on the back of the Eye shadow trio Not Safe For Around Eye Area. If your going to use them for lips use with care or use for doing pictures and maybe wipe off surrounding ware you may I. On kids I wouldn't use on them because they tend to wipe their faces and the glitter can get smeared into their eyes with can damage their eyes.
From Left to Right Colors
Green Pallet - Glimmer In Your Eye
Blue Pallet - Still or Sparkling water
Purple pallet - No.2 tinsel
Gold,Orange pallet - I'm Not A Blonde Glitz
Black Pallet - Drinking a Glass of Shine

Well I was impressed with them and really liked how they came and all the ideals of mixing them up with each other, other glitters,eye-shadows,pigments ,lipsticks ect.. They are a consitantcey of a Vaseline, mega lip balm type, it holds good and is a firm so it don't drip smear away holds color good. Almost as if a tad tad bit of Vaseline was added to a Wet N Wild Mega lip balm to great the base for the coloring and glitter to be added to make the colors that's in the pallets. Long wearing after 7 hours I just washed it off to do other swatches I came up with playing around with these.They don't completely dry so you will have them dry a little to wear it still tacky feeling.

Are they worth the money? For the conveyance Yes, if you are someone who doesn't have allot of makeup or a little bit of makeup glitters,shimmers stuff like that and don't want to invest in to much I think this is a deal to get for that reason. So you can play around with them witch what you have in it's existing pan it comes in. If you have allot of makeup and glitter stuff you diffidently would just waste your money for the price and amount that comes in these unless your like me love to collect WnW products. I have allot of makeup and love to create more so I don't feel I'm disappointed or out any money .There just isn't allot of product for the price. But considering you get to little applicators in it I would recommend don't use on these glitters use of other stuff like powder makeups, and a pan you can re use I can't harp on $2.99 a pallet.

I give 10 plus cause it does what it says ,isn't mis leading,long wearing,don't smear unless you smear it,some colors are more pigmented to other but they all have that color luminously shimmer glow to to if you want to smear them out some or you can build color, shimmer, glitter up by adding your own touch of ingredient to them. If you love luminous, glowing,sparkly,glittery, bling it out then this is for you. There is in some of the colors if you add alot a little tiny bit of glitter feeling like that grit feel but not much, but enough to harm eyes. There is not smell or any irritation of any sort.
f I missed any thing about the review please post questions and i'll answer them right away. If you see them at least pick one up.

Suggestions, if you want it to be more WetnWild Mega bal feel just add some harder type balm to it or if your adding color use a lipstick that is more firmer concitancey then add your shimmer sparkle, a little a long way so a swatch or two across a mixing plat, back of hand then add some of your other ingredient to it and you got your new shade of blig. Another tip take a lip balm,lipstick that you may have or lip gloss and add your wnw glittered mix up tile you have what you want. I in all used, a wide range of powder makeup eyeshdaows, blushes,even some eye liner , and gel's, along with glitters, Let your imagination go wild but be safe and always keep away from eyes and be careful if using around lips for more than a picture.

Make sure to check out my YouTube channel for the video review and swatches Click Here 

Pictures I shared of the swatches

From Left To right
1st 3 swatches - Gold,Orange pallet - I'm Not A Blonde Glitz
2nd 3 swatches - Green Pallet - Glimmer In Your Eye
3rd 3 swatches - Black Pallet - Drinking a Glass of Shine
4th 3 swatches - Blue Pallet - Still or Sparkling water

On my hand is the Purple pallet swatches 
Purple pallet - No.2 tinsel

Make sure to click the link right above pictures for more pictures I took I didn't want to overload them here and the YouTube channel for video version.

There's one of the pallets not shown,out of 6 pallets I have 5

Friday, October 25, 2013

Citrus Clear Skin Care Review Your Problems Are OVER

What I will cover in this article
No Irritation
Fast ship (My order came in 3 days)
Packaged really good with packaging materials to prevent damage
Great Customer service they answer emails, phone calls, ect immediately
Out the box, ready to use.

The biggest number one mistake we make in skin care is we over work are skin. The key factor is to keep a balance. The second mistake we make, we use the wrong products for our skin. Let your skin talk to you and tell you what it’s lacking what it’s not lacking. Listen to what your skin telling you. I didn't have anyone to teach or tell me anything about anything in life I had to learn it all on my own. One thing I learned early on was the better your skin is the better everything else falls in place. If you have great beautiful BALANCED skin you’re not going to need allot of products to hide, conceal, cover up, mask, problem. That’s going to save you ALLOT of time and money.
My secrete to keeping my skin balanced, until now I was juggling with allot of rotating products (I will post article explain the rotating method) to keep my skin balanced. Even with that I would still find I would make mistakes because I was still looking at one line of products that could keep my skin balance all the time. When you find that you know you found the Golden Success to your skin care issues. I ran across a skin care line called Citrus Clear. My prayers have been answered and so have yours.
I first started out using 3 products 3 steps
,1st step the facial scrub called Tangerine Tingle
2nd step Sensitive Face Wash
3rd step Sensitive Moisturizer
A little bit goes a long ways, you get a 3 in 1 out of this product, it scrums your skin gently but very good, then you let it dry to get that deep cleaning ,as you remove it you find the process of energizing and waking your skin up has already started. Your face starts feeling awake, lifted, you’ll notice as your removing your scrum the better even out skin tone and skin quality (as days go by it gets even better) As I was applying the scrub using feather handing circular motion all over my face, neck and chest the soft beautiful tangerine scent was very welcoming. I am not one who likes fruit, vegetable, candy type smells in my products but this was different. It smelled as if I walked into grandma’s house after she peeled tangerines for a nice snack. It’s was very relaxing, refreshing, and helped to not only wake me up for the morning but also helped me keep a even balanced out energy instead of  jumping out of bed and going right into 10th gear. I was so much in comfort zone I thought I was on an Island of Paradise in my bathroom. I also notice none of the products used had any type of irritation to me or my skin or residue left behind; I even got a little product into my eyes on several different occasions and never even knew anything got into my eyes. Already I am seeing a glowing luminous on my skin can’t wait to dive into the Sensitive (Face Wash) Gentle Cleanser. Another product little goes along way. I used a half pump for my face, neck and chest, on a lightly dampened face. I started in feather handed circular motion massaging the cleanser into my face. I again got an inviting refreshing lime scent. Very calming smell that was inviting , relaxing, calming all like the Tangerine Tingle scrum and the two scents goes hand and hand that’s was even a nicer kick to the skin care regime. After removing the cleanser with Luke warm water there was no residue left on my face it was ready to add the moisturizer.
Sensitive Moisturizer another little goes long way, inviting scent of pink grapefruit. One and half pump did my face, neck, and chest. I am feeling alive and awake. My face feels so supper duper clean and lifted. The moisturizer was very perfectly consistency that silky smoothly went over and into my skin like my skin drank it up coming from the desert. What is nice about this moisturizer is it absorbs into your skin not sit on your skin and clogs your pores. It starts working as fast as it absorbs. You won’t feel like you have anything on your skin.
It’s always a plus when we find a product line like this that’s not only affordable, last a long time, but the whole entire family can use it and every one target areas and then some are amazingly cured LOL fixed . No irritation, No strong scents or smells that give you headaches, and most important your skin stays balanced all the time. Never will you find your skin jumping off the balance meter. This speaks volumes for this line when a whole family with different ages, different skin issues, every ones different all the way around the board so to speak and everyone has results FAST results and their off and running with all that saved time and money to doing something else . Even when you miss days or nights doing the skin care regime your skin still looks and feels amazing and the product is still doing its job.
 Allot of products on the market works for the moment but soon as you stop using it your entire problem’s come back it don’t last. Another thing is allot of products stop working after using them a few days or week not Citrus Clear it brings back what you lost, keep from losing anything to start with or any further, brings the energizing  youthful, radiant, luminous, glowing, say bye bye to large pores, fine line and wrinkle’s, those 11’s between your eye’s we get with age, scars from blemishes, age spots, even scars on your face from past acne or other reasons we get start to become less visible and diminish. Eyebrows that wouldn't grow back even come back(Yup I have eyebrows come back I lost years ago )You get plumpness, those sunk in eyes now are plum and filled back out.

Below are pictures I took as well as links to two of my Part 1 and 2 review and demonstration on these products I am sure you’re going to be amazed with as much as me and my family are. Do the math when the same product can work for everyone in your family all with different skin problems and issues, different ages how can you go wrong? This line takes all the guess work out of what to use when to use it and of course so many people don’t have time to do 7 part treatments ect this is nothing of the sort it is the most amazing line I have ever ran across in my life.

Un-boxing there was more packing wrapping materials. Just to give you and ideal.
I have another article that will show the other two products line the Tangerine Tingle above.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Update Revamping all my Social Networks

I am revamping all  my Social Networks 

starting with my Blogger and YouTube

 I had to learn all the ends and outs to start with so I could create more better Blog and Channel instead of all this wasted time and space . As I was learning how to do this and that and doing test runs I had a video camera crash and die on me. This is ware that dead camera became a blessing all though it put me really far behind in getting post and videos up it was a blessing. I bought a new video camera along with that I practically had to go to collage to learn how to not only use it that was the easier part of it. It called for it's own software to upload to be able to get my videos and pictures off the video camera( If I would of know that I would of never bought this model) so I could begin the steps top editing  well guess it also called for only editing in their software, Oh boy here we go. Once I use their software to do everything then I can finely upload to YouTube or my blog.

Now if you are someone savvy with these cameras, videos cameras,editing software you wouldn't have a problem cause it is very basic stuff but I knew nothing about anything to uploading exporting editing in anything other than windows movie maker. Since I had to start theses from the ground up I started learning as much as I could with everything from all of that to creating a much better appearance for my Blog as well and to create matching banners,logos the whole sha bang if you  will say.. The more I learned the easier things became. In the  mist of all of this I was contacted to sign up for some free classes to take to learn much more so I took full advantage of learning and using all resources and materials made available to me to better create.

All of that is done and out the way so I will be applying all this to revamping all social networks so not only will you see a much better appearance but much better to the max quality of what I post from just post to pictures to videos. For example on my blog,FB,YouTube,ect I will put the same profile picture and banner, another example when I make my videos now I know how to cut un necessary parts of video out instead of having to post the whole original video. If I made a video making a eye shadow tutorial I know now how to just post the tutorial part and cut out the other part like me reaching searching for a makeup brush that just wasted 2 min.Before I didn't know how to slow motion,fast forwarded any of that stuff now I know.

Allot of times I post pictures to my blog and the pictures are so large it throws all the alignment out of whack so everything overlapping each other i know how to fix that  ,these are just some examples of things I had looking all messy and stuff cause I didn't for one have the time to do any of it but I had to make time cause allot of money was spent on a camera and by the time I realized this software addition I had to learn I couldn't return the camera cause my return days ran out so I had to buckle down and learn no matter if it was ten min here and there and basically that's how it was lol.

Hope you all enjoy all the new post i will be doing and the better to navigate threw my social networks . Feel free to also post your in put I would love to hear your comments. I also will be deleting some post that started getting spammed by someone or some software trying to prompt x rate stuff. If I delete a post for those reason I will re update it and post it again so their link they have isn't the same one.

Hugz and Luvz

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Got all but one

I'm still looking for my missing pallets called A REGULAR AT THE FACTORY, NOTE OF TO MAKE NAIL ART TUTORIAL, EYE SHADOW TUTORIALS and swatches be back soon to share...hugz

Pink Diamond IPhone 5 Cell Phone Case REVIEW

Bought at Wal-Mart for $4.88, at first glance you would think cheap quality but that's not so with this case.

It has a very good quality made,expensive look and feel,durable, at a very affordable price.It's soft silky smooth to the touch, you don't get finger prints all over it when you touch it. Available in many colors. Case is well fitted, with openings for all buttons,plug ins,features ect..

I have seen these same cases from same manufacturers for $40. To $50. Each. You don't feel like you have ectra bulky ness added to your phone.almost like nothing in it but a beautiful covering that helps top protect your phone at the same time.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Nerd4Nails: Lime Crime

Nerd4Nails: Lime Crime: Hey! Today I've got 6 polishes from the nail and makeup brand Lime Crime . Lime Crime is known for bright, saturated pastels, and the po...

Friday, June 28, 2013

Neon Orange Nail Polish Swatches and Review

Totally amazing,a true real Orange Nail Polish by Sinful Colors number 53 , shade Summer Peach. I can only say good things about the polish I couldn't find anything bad about any of Sinful Colors. Your not going to ever pay anything more than $2.00, out dries fast, by the time I polished my first hand that same hand was dry and ready to re coat second coat.

The picture listed with my post are three coats over acrylic nails, when I use this same polish over my natural nails I only need two coats. Long wearing on either false our natural nails.
If your going to use this to add dots our hand paint design's on your nails I recommend once you load your brush our dotter wait about 20 -to 30 seconds before applying so it thickens up a bit and you won't have to to re apply on those areas. As you use your polish up more and out gets a little thinker from ventral air hitting it you can just apply but at first opening the bottle it's semi thin .

Other than that I'm very pleased with their polishes and live the pigments are so vibrant in this one for sure. TRUE TO COLOR

Don't Forget To Watch MY YouTube Channel

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Firmoo Global Optical Eye Glasses Review and Demostration

Global Online Optical Store

I been wearing glasses for many years now for prescription needs to style needs as well and a must for me beside those needs is to beat the sun I wear sun glasses all the time no matter what. Over the years I have really ran threw allot of up's and downs' with buying glasses and I know quality and a bang for my buck. I was AMAZED at the Quality,variety,what all you get with your purchase with out any additional cost, the wear and tear the glasses and accessories will take and still look new, how fast I received them after placing my order,how fast you get customer service and answers. Let's get to the full review and what my experiences has been and i have to say it was a very good one i am now found my place at to get all my optical needs.

I placed my order around midnight ,I received my package two days later, WOW talk about fast, I was more amazed with how well they package things up for shipping so you get your products in good shape. As you will see in the pictures below everything I got how it came and me wearing them after a month of wearing them under all sorts of condition's. There is a wide wide range of products to choose from for everyone, I find the pair of glasses I want and it was so easy and simple to do their easy to follow fast steps to measure your eyes to make sure you get the perfect fit eye glasses every-time and costume to your face.Only took me a few seconds to read and do and that was done.I was able to choose the type and style of cases as well as my glasses. For under with shipping $35.00 I received a pair of excellent quality glasses that can be compared to high end glasses like Dior,Gucci,Tom Ford,list goes on, two eye glass cases one hard cases, one soft cases,a huge cleaning cloth and made of very good quality not those cheap one that are extremely small and made out of crap this was very good quality and huge,a key chain tool that's a 2 in one for tighten,loosen up your eye glasses as you need witch I can tell you now your not going to have to use any time soon.

Now lets talk about the glasses they was a perfect fit, so comfortable I kept going to bed with them on my face and my sister had to take them off my face wile I was sleeping, they are so comfortable don't feel like you are even wearing glasses and and so crystal clear you feel like your looking right threw your own eyes. it's so hard to find glasses to be comfortable for starters and look crystal clear at the same time, normally your lucky if you can find a pair of glasses to have one thing your happy with. With Firmoo I know your going to be as happy as I am with mine. They stayed on my face never did they move, that is something I couldn't get out of any glasses to date and trust me when I say I have bought eye glasses from cheap to high end and I have to tell you I was never happy tile I found When I bend over ,down my glasses didn't budge now you see why I feel asleep with them on LOL. I was jogging they didn't move,then for the huge topper I went to the beach in salt water and was swimming around playing on the inter tube floats, jumping in and out of the water off the boat when I realized I had my glasses on I just knew the salt water was going to take it tool on them really fast, guess what 2 months later and they still look like they did when I got them, no scratches either.

See for your self click the link above to shop or just browse, click my YouTube link above to see my full review in video .