Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Update Revamping all my Social Networks

I am revamping all  my Social Networks 

starting with my Blogger and YouTube

 I had to learn all the ends and outs to start with so I could create more better Blog and Channel instead of all this wasted time and space . As I was learning how to do this and that and doing test runs I had a video camera crash and die on me. This is ware that dead camera became a blessing all though it put me really far behind in getting post and videos up it was a blessing. I bought a new video camera along with that I practically had to go to collage to learn how to not only use it that was the easier part of it. It called for it's own software to upload to be able to get my videos and pictures off the video camera( If I would of know that I would of never bought this model) so I could begin the steps top editing  well guess it also called for only editing in their software, Oh boy here we go. Once I use their software to do everything then I can finely upload to YouTube or my blog.

Now if you are someone savvy with these cameras, videos cameras,editing software you wouldn't have a problem cause it is very basic stuff but I knew nothing about anything to uploading exporting editing in anything other than windows movie maker. Since I had to start theses from the ground up I started learning as much as I could with everything from all of that to creating a much better appearance for my Blog as well and to create matching banners,logos the whole sha bang if you  will say.. The more I learned the easier things became. In the  mist of all of this I was contacted to sign up for some free classes to take to learn much more so I took full advantage of learning and using all resources and materials made available to me to better create.

All of that is done and out the way so I will be applying all this to revamping all social networks so not only will you see a much better appearance but much better to the max quality of what I post from just post to pictures to videos. For example on my blog,FB,YouTube,ect I will put the same profile picture and banner, another example when I make my videos now I know how to cut un necessary parts of video out instead of having to post the whole original video. If I made a video making a eye shadow tutorial I know now how to just post the tutorial part and cut out the other part like me reaching searching for a makeup brush that just wasted 2 min.Before I didn't know how to slow motion,fast forwarded any of that stuff now I know.

Allot of times I post pictures to my blog and the pictures are so large it throws all the alignment out of whack so everything overlapping each other i know how to fix that  ,these are just some examples of things I had looking all messy and stuff cause I didn't for one have the time to do any of it but I had to make time cause allot of money was spent on a camera and by the time I realized this software addition I had to learn I couldn't return the camera cause my return days ran out so I had to buckle down and learn no matter if it was ten min here and there and basically that's how it was lol.

Hope you all enjoy all the new post i will be doing and the better to navigate threw my social networks . Feel free to also post your in put I would love to hear your comments. I also will be deleting some post that started getting spammed by someone or some software trying to prompt x rate stuff. If I delete a post for those reason I will re update it and post it again so their link they have isn't the same one.

Hugz and Luvz

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