Friday, October 25, 2013

Citrus Clear Skin Care Review Your Problems Are OVER

What I will cover in this article
No Irritation
Fast ship (My order came in 3 days)
Packaged really good with packaging materials to prevent damage
Great Customer service they answer emails, phone calls, ect immediately
Out the box, ready to use.

The biggest number one mistake we make in skin care is we over work are skin. The key factor is to keep a balance. The second mistake we make, we use the wrong products for our skin. Let your skin talk to you and tell you what it’s lacking what it’s not lacking. Listen to what your skin telling you. I didn't have anyone to teach or tell me anything about anything in life I had to learn it all on my own. One thing I learned early on was the better your skin is the better everything else falls in place. If you have great beautiful BALANCED skin you’re not going to need allot of products to hide, conceal, cover up, mask, problem. That’s going to save you ALLOT of time and money.
My secrete to keeping my skin balanced, until now I was juggling with allot of rotating products (I will post article explain the rotating method) to keep my skin balanced. Even with that I would still find I would make mistakes because I was still looking at one line of products that could keep my skin balance all the time. When you find that you know you found the Golden Success to your skin care issues. I ran across a skin care line called Citrus Clear. My prayers have been answered and so have yours.
I first started out using 3 products 3 steps
,1st step the facial scrub called Tangerine Tingle
2nd step Sensitive Face Wash
3rd step Sensitive Moisturizer
A little bit goes a long ways, you get a 3 in 1 out of this product, it scrums your skin gently but very good, then you let it dry to get that deep cleaning ,as you remove it you find the process of energizing and waking your skin up has already started. Your face starts feeling awake, lifted, you’ll notice as your removing your scrum the better even out skin tone and skin quality (as days go by it gets even better) As I was applying the scrub using feather handing circular motion all over my face, neck and chest the soft beautiful tangerine scent was very welcoming. I am not one who likes fruit, vegetable, candy type smells in my products but this was different. It smelled as if I walked into grandma’s house after she peeled tangerines for a nice snack. It’s was very relaxing, refreshing, and helped to not only wake me up for the morning but also helped me keep a even balanced out energy instead of  jumping out of bed and going right into 10th gear. I was so much in comfort zone I thought I was on an Island of Paradise in my bathroom. I also notice none of the products used had any type of irritation to me or my skin or residue left behind; I even got a little product into my eyes on several different occasions and never even knew anything got into my eyes. Already I am seeing a glowing luminous on my skin can’t wait to dive into the Sensitive (Face Wash) Gentle Cleanser. Another product little goes along way. I used a half pump for my face, neck and chest, on a lightly dampened face. I started in feather handed circular motion massaging the cleanser into my face. I again got an inviting refreshing lime scent. Very calming smell that was inviting , relaxing, calming all like the Tangerine Tingle scrum and the two scents goes hand and hand that’s was even a nicer kick to the skin care regime. After removing the cleanser with Luke warm water there was no residue left on my face it was ready to add the moisturizer.
Sensitive Moisturizer another little goes long way, inviting scent of pink grapefruit. One and half pump did my face, neck, and chest. I am feeling alive and awake. My face feels so supper duper clean and lifted. The moisturizer was very perfectly consistency that silky smoothly went over and into my skin like my skin drank it up coming from the desert. What is nice about this moisturizer is it absorbs into your skin not sit on your skin and clogs your pores. It starts working as fast as it absorbs. You won’t feel like you have anything on your skin.
It’s always a plus when we find a product line like this that’s not only affordable, last a long time, but the whole entire family can use it and every one target areas and then some are amazingly cured LOL fixed . No irritation, No strong scents or smells that give you headaches, and most important your skin stays balanced all the time. Never will you find your skin jumping off the balance meter. This speaks volumes for this line when a whole family with different ages, different skin issues, every ones different all the way around the board so to speak and everyone has results FAST results and their off and running with all that saved time and money to doing something else . Even when you miss days or nights doing the skin care regime your skin still looks and feels amazing and the product is still doing its job.
 Allot of products on the market works for the moment but soon as you stop using it your entire problem’s come back it don’t last. Another thing is allot of products stop working after using them a few days or week not Citrus Clear it brings back what you lost, keep from losing anything to start with or any further, brings the energizing  youthful, radiant, luminous, glowing, say bye bye to large pores, fine line and wrinkle’s, those 11’s between your eye’s we get with age, scars from blemishes, age spots, even scars on your face from past acne or other reasons we get start to become less visible and diminish. Eyebrows that wouldn't grow back even come back(Yup I have eyebrows come back I lost years ago )You get plumpness, those sunk in eyes now are plum and filled back out.

Below are pictures I took as well as links to two of my Part 1 and 2 review and demonstration on these products I am sure you’re going to be amazed with as much as me and my family are. Do the math when the same product can work for everyone in your family all with different skin problems and issues, different ages how can you go wrong? This line takes all the guess work out of what to use when to use it and of course so many people don’t have time to do 7 part treatments ect this is nothing of the sort it is the most amazing line I have ever ran across in my life.

Un-boxing there was more packing wrapping materials. Just to give you and ideal.
I have another article that will show the other two products line the Tangerine Tingle above.

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