Sunday, November 24, 2013

Lipstick Remix WANTED

I've been looking to buy the mold or kit anyone who wants to sale their kit or mold I would love to buy
It please contact me ASAP any time day or night. or call me (956)242-0362

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

New WetnWild Glitter Holiday Eye-Shadow Trio's Collection In The Spot Light

WetnWild Glitter Trio's why is everyone downing the quality?? Not sure but I always k open mind and look at things from every angle view what may not be good for one can be good for others. First t clearly states on the back of the Eye shadow trio Not Safe For Around Eye Area. If your going to use them for lips use with care or use for doing pictures and maybe wipe off surrounding ware you may I. On kids I wouldn't use on them because they tend to wipe their faces and the glitter can get smeared into their eyes with can damage their eyes.
From Left to Right Colors
Green Pallet - Glimmer In Your Eye
Blue Pallet - Still or Sparkling water
Purple pallet - No.2 tinsel
Gold,Orange pallet - I'm Not A Blonde Glitz
Black Pallet - Drinking a Glass of Shine

Well I was impressed with them and really liked how they came and all the ideals of mixing them up with each other, other glitters,eye-shadows,pigments ,lipsticks ect.. They are a consitantcey of a Vaseline, mega lip balm type, it holds good and is a firm so it don't drip smear away holds color good. Almost as if a tad tad bit of Vaseline was added to a Wet N Wild Mega lip balm to great the base for the coloring and glitter to be added to make the colors that's in the pallets. Long wearing after 7 hours I just washed it off to do other swatches I came up with playing around with these.They don't completely dry so you will have them dry a little to wear it still tacky feeling.

Are they worth the money? For the conveyance Yes, if you are someone who doesn't have allot of makeup or a little bit of makeup glitters,shimmers stuff like that and don't want to invest in to much I think this is a deal to get for that reason. So you can play around with them witch what you have in it's existing pan it comes in. If you have allot of makeup and glitter stuff you diffidently would just waste your money for the price and amount that comes in these unless your like me love to collect WnW products. I have allot of makeup and love to create more so I don't feel I'm disappointed or out any money .There just isn't allot of product for the price. But considering you get to little applicators in it I would recommend don't use on these glitters use of other stuff like powder makeups, and a pan you can re use I can't harp on $2.99 a pallet.

I give 10 plus cause it does what it says ,isn't mis leading,long wearing,don't smear unless you smear it,some colors are more pigmented to other but they all have that color luminously shimmer glow to to if you want to smear them out some or you can build color, shimmer, glitter up by adding your own touch of ingredient to them. If you love luminous, glowing,sparkly,glittery, bling it out then this is for you. There is in some of the colors if you add alot a little tiny bit of glitter feeling like that grit feel but not much, but enough to harm eyes. There is not smell or any irritation of any sort.
f I missed any thing about the review please post questions and i'll answer them right away. If you see them at least pick one up.

Suggestions, if you want it to be more WetnWild Mega bal feel just add some harder type balm to it or if your adding color use a lipstick that is more firmer concitancey then add your shimmer sparkle, a little a long way so a swatch or two across a mixing plat, back of hand then add some of your other ingredient to it and you got your new shade of blig. Another tip take a lip balm,lipstick that you may have or lip gloss and add your wnw glittered mix up tile you have what you want. I in all used, a wide range of powder makeup eyeshdaows, blushes,even some eye liner , and gel's, along with glitters, Let your imagination go wild but be safe and always keep away from eyes and be careful if using around lips for more than a picture.

Make sure to check out my YouTube channel for the video review and swatches Click Here 

Pictures I shared of the swatches

From Left To right
1st 3 swatches - Gold,Orange pallet - I'm Not A Blonde Glitz
2nd 3 swatches - Green Pallet - Glimmer In Your Eye
3rd 3 swatches - Black Pallet - Drinking a Glass of Shine
4th 3 swatches - Blue Pallet - Still or Sparkling water

On my hand is the Purple pallet swatches 
Purple pallet - No.2 tinsel

Make sure to click the link right above pictures for more pictures I took I didn't want to overload them here and the YouTube channel for video version.

There's one of the pallets not shown,out of 6 pallets I have 5