Friday, June 28, 2013

Neon Orange Nail Polish Swatches and Review

Totally amazing,a true real Orange Nail Polish by Sinful Colors number 53 , shade Summer Peach. I can only say good things about the polish I couldn't find anything bad about any of Sinful Colors. Your not going to ever pay anything more than $2.00, out dries fast, by the time I polished my first hand that same hand was dry and ready to re coat second coat.

The picture listed with my post are three coats over acrylic nails, when I use this same polish over my natural nails I only need two coats. Long wearing on either false our natural nails.
If your going to use this to add dots our hand paint design's on your nails I recommend once you load your brush our dotter wait about 20 -to 30 seconds before applying so it thickens up a bit and you won't have to to re apply on those areas. As you use your polish up more and out gets a little thinker from ventral air hitting it you can just apply but at first opening the bottle it's semi thin .

Other than that I'm very pleased with their polishes and live the pigments are so vibrant in this one for sure. TRUE TO COLOR

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