Saturday, June 30, 2012

Graphic this is What Animals go threw for Cosmetic Companies to keep making Money

I ran across this from another Blogger and now I am trying to get further information that's correct cause I was clearly told and informed some cosmetic company's say they don't test on animals but still are. I wanted to share this with you while I finish doing more research on this and the company's that are lieing to us..

Be ready to have a strong stomach when going to this and reading it , it is very true and it should not be ignored any further. I have animals and I love all life of any species. I don't ever want to be buying any products that are tested on animals I can't even eat animal products after seeing what the animals go threw to be on our tables..

Please share with other cause so many of us out here are not aware of what really is going on...

Very Graphic Stop Animal Testing

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