Thursday, January 13, 2011

Getting Beauty Channel N Blog Started

I decided to really challenge myself with a new project after deciding to start a you tube channel and blog.I decided to not only create it but also do everything thing from self teaching and learning myself to create more than makeup looks, to learn the whole process from a-z in creating and customizing blog,profiles,social network pages of all sorts, to learning the filming with different types of devices and equipment,then to uploading all the videos and pictures to start learning how to editing and then bring to the I internet to share in different places around the web to reach more people from all walks of life.

As I started my journey I gave my self a set goal date to launch and have everything ready witch was Jan 1st,2011 I wanted to have all y pages done and linked up together and the channel and blog going with my reviews,guides,Hot-to's and much more. I am running 2 weeks and a day early so I am glad for that. being that I had no ideal how to video tape and cut,slice,edit,upload and edit some more,and of coarse had to get my lighting and audio right as well not to mention so much more to learning how to do more and more and more stuff .I have done very well. in the mist of it all it was important for me to not only provide reviews and guides,tips for others to see and read but also I really wanted to keep it SIMPLE, and IN-Expensive. I manged to do that as well.

I want to Announce that as you see along the way I will be sharing everything I figured out and learned from others online as well as my experienced at the same time to bring you lots of tips,hot to's,reviews,whats new ,whats a hit or miss and so much more. I have no clue ware this may lead but my main focus is to help others and be of any help I can at all times. Thank you for come by and checking out my page even though it's fairly new I can promise lots of great stuff to come.

Hugz N Kisses XOXOXOXO

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