Monday, January 31, 2011

Everything I Removed Off My Channel I Pasted Here INFO

I Just re edited my YouTube Channel Description and About Me  Box
Down below is what I copied and re pasted directly to my blog so I could shorten
my description and about me areas to put more pin point accurate fast and easy non confusing info and contact. I will make a section on here for up dates changes or anything I copy  to paste here because of editing. I don't like to waste others times and I
Like to make sure it's fast and easy and very understanding for you..

All about beauty, makeup, hair, skin care, nail art ,budgeting, working with what you have, with in your budget and space. and everything between to reviews, demonstrations, tutorials, how to, advice, tips. Contest on It’s Way!!!!

If you want me to do reviews on particular products let me know and if I don't already own it I will do my best to get the things and do the reviews.

JUST A NOTE; I paid for everything no one has gave me anything to get a review out of me. this is all my own honest opinion.

If You need to contact me A.S.A.P.  email

No matter how old we are there's something to learn from the next person. We all have something to bring to the table and share. This is my way of helping others to. I love to show people how to come up with looks, try new things, and work with what you have, within your budget.

On this channel I will be showing ways to work with so little but look like you spent hours getting ready. I will be using cheap to high end products so everyone feels included. Some of the cheaper products are the better ones so look out here I come to show you daily tips and tricks of love for beauty.

I am 42, have oily skin most of the time, blotchy redness sometimes, depending on the weather and ware I am in the world my skin does it's own thing. So I had to get creative and learn how to accommodate and adjust my looks with in my means, budget, and location. Sometimes I wasn't always easily to go to stores and get things.

 I always get compliments on how good my skin looks, how nice my make up is done and so on. So I decided after getting a call one day from some one I never met who had just paid a Well Know Make Up Artist almost $400.00 US ,she spent 6 hours there and came out looking like she only put a little powder maybe on her. I was fortunately able to walk her threw some very simple fast quick steps (we all over sleep sometime in our lives Right? We got to rush and hurry to get our makeup done and get out the door. Oh yeah it's happened to me allot with my hecked schedule.)
She made it and was very pleased to call me back to not only thank me but also to tell me how people complemented her all day. Fast

Forward --- Here I am making a channel to be of any help I can for others. I live and devote my life to helping others.
My Personal Site
Or Just Google Esteedarla
Things To Come SHORTLY:::::
Reviews, Demonstrations, Applications, How To's, Every type of look for every type of person, Alter Ego..Yeah You Know how it goes!@#$@!#,Contest,Giveaways,ALLOT of surprises coming up.

Who knows ware this may or may not go but I am not doing this for money or popularity.

I have always loved makeup and playing around figuring out different looks, and just to play and get all dolled up LOL.

Hope you all like what I bring to the Channel. I diffidently will be doing uploads very frequently and not just stupid stuff to just upload it will have to be a worth while for me to bring it .

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