Saturday, January 15, 2011

Working With in Your Means !!!!

Working With What you Have !!!
Working With In Your Budget !!!
Working With In Your Space !!!

As you see at this point of my Channel you will notice my videos some looks good, some is a OK, some are just I should of left them out of the uploads..Well the main reason I am uploading allot of a little of everything, so people can see the begin of starting out, the use of different lighting sources ( that you already have ), different cameras, video cams, what ever device to film videos take pictures, (all that you already have), then the space I work with in. Allot of times some of us can get intimated in starting blogs or videos channels cause you think either you don't have the money to buy all this stuff to video stuff, you may think you don't have a nice space or big enough space to shot your pictures and videos, or you just might think you don't have anything good to show or share or Bring To The Table. 

Thats why I thought it was important to go around my house gather up things to make  pictures and  videos, once I did all that I had to learn (Self taught Myself watching others video channels, reading others blogs) how to start recording and taking good quality pictures, along with getting good quality audio all with what I had already. I have not bought anything to get the channel started. it was a personal challenge on my self I wanted to set out to do so others can see how simple it really easy with a little effort put into it and best off again your working with in your means,what you have already.

Now comes to the day I start to upload videos. I need to learn more stuff so I did that I get videos and pictures up and see or hear either my audio isn't good in some and in some they are, then my lighting was off in some and then in some they was good. So keeping track of witch device I used for that video or pictures and ware in my space I worked like in my bathroom,my bedroom, outside. After realize my mis takes I re did  more  videos to upload everything went well except for I for got to turn on my lights and flash LOL..Other than that i would of already had mad 11 good videos with very in expensive equipment.

I am going to also post pictures up of the work space I and using and how it's set up with my lighting placement and things so you can see after I jumped on this mission how simple it really was and of coarse I had lots of fun to the challenge of figuring this and that up. I meet some really great new friends whom was helpful with advice and tips to what I needed to do or not do. I hope to encourage others to do the same in anything you want to do. we all have something to bring to the table and offer. no matter how un important something may seem to you may be very important to others. So share what you feel up to.

REMEMBER; We are working with in Our means, Budget, space. You will have plenty of time to pick up things on sale or add to your collection what have you depend on what your channel is being based on. So no hurry to run out and spend allot of money. Why spend what you don't need or can wait on getting.

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