Saturday, January 22, 2011

More Videos Up

First, I want to thank everyone for the over whelming support and Love I have received from so many. It is truly a blessing to have seen the response since starting the Channel. I also want to thank everyone for being so Patience and understanding with me while I get the videos uploaded, title,tagged and all that good stuff.

Also I am getting my home base studio room redone since I decided if I am going to get this channel right (I am a perfectionist) but I wanted to start from the bottom and work up. Cause I want others to see how you can start out with what you already have laying around. But for me to really show allot of the things coming up I really need things to be more clearly seen in photo's and videos. I have a X streamly busy scheduled cause I travel allot due to my company. So I have to be creative and do things around my traveling and schedule's as it is. I am also going to show coming up how to do and home base studio at a very reasonably coast. So people start looking at deals, sales, craigslist  ect ect...

Since I am working on just getting the YouTube videos up an all that stuff, later this week I will have more time to focus on getting all the detailed info that will go in hand with my YouTube channel .

Don't forget if you have some products you would like me to do a review on email,post, letting me know. I live in the UK but I do travel allot to the US, Next week I will be in Germany for 2 weeks, then off to Russia. So if anything you know is sold in those areas let me know so while I am there I can pick those items up. I will be shopping anyways but you may know of something I don't since I only travel to those areas and don't live there. But if it isn't ware I can get the items I will do  my best to get online and order them.

I pay for everything myself no one gives me anything to promote or give false reviews. So when I review something it is diffidently paid for by me and it is my own opinion and take on what ever it is I am reviewing. I am not going to recommend something to someone if I haven't had time to check it out. I am pretty good about knowing ingredants( I can't spell) and the quality off the top to be able to try out something and know if it is worth while but usually by the time I get a video up I had if it is a new product at least 4-5 days to really try it out. Allot of things I will be sharing are things I have used for long time from 8 months to 20 years.

I will say what ever it is a new product first time using  or what have you.

Love You All
Hugz N Kisses

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