Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Getting Details On everything I review, use....

Hello Everyone,

I am so glad for you all to take the time to stop by and read my blog, watch my Channels. My most important thing out of it all is to bring to you what you like and are interested in for your self as well. I do work outside of doing my Channel and Blog so I am balancing making videos, editing them,uploading,then doing a more detail writing write up I guess you want to call it on each and everything thing I cover from my reviews to what I wear or things I may talk about. So if you see some videos that are uploaded and are not tiled just yet thats reason is cause I started the upload process (it takes so long to do) and went off to work on trying to tile,keyword,description, for the videos while they upload. Now that that part is done ,I now most like am off to working so I have to fit in to getting the fine details write up for my blog along with still shot pictures some ware in between the day or two from getting the video up

I am doing this all on my own and fitting it into my scheduled and I sure love it and don't mind. I am enjoying it and make a point to after doing my work or what every my responsibly may be getting this done to. Not only do I have 50-60 hours a week tied up with my job sometimes longer hours than that, I also am a FAMILY person so before I do anything I deal with my family matters, quality time is very important to me so once I finish that, I set down to do more on the Channel and Blog.

It means allot to  me to share my experienced along the way so other can see it can be done and it's hard as it may seem. I self taught myself in between working and doing family things. I also am getting many more thing prepared to do on the channel and theres allot of planing going into it. When I decided to do the channel I knew there was a Major Challenge to come out of it and I was up for the Challenge and really Happy I choice this to be my challenge of the year.

Love you All, Hugz n Kisses XOXOXOXO


  1. How do you apply the wet n wild mega lash serum? do you apply on your eyelid along the lash line? I am having trouble applying, I don't know if the above is the proper way or if I am supposed to run it along my lashes the way I would apply regular mascara. I keep getting it in my eyes and for some reason I dont have the same luck as you do.....it burns my eyes! I would appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you, Nicole

  2. I am so sorry it took so long to respond My sister had surgery and I was helping her recover and helping with her babies(2 shitzues,lol) so I was so busy I barely had any time to do anything. I will make another video showing more detailed on how to apply the serum first thing in the morning and upload it right away. But I did to at first got it in my eyes a few times too. But I apply it 2 times a day I shower and while all my pores ore good and open and hair lashes are good and soft and clean I use that time to put anything from the lash serum to moisturizers and skin regiment thats best to be done at times like that. Or if I'm to tired and just want to go to sleep at night I just wash my make up off and then apply the serum to my lashes and how I do it is just like your applying a eyeliner pencil I have to wipe a little off on the inside side of the tube thingy it comes in and use a little at a time to line the upper and lower lash lines I try to get as close to the root of the lashes as I can, I have to keep getting some of the serum I wiped to the side off so it wouldn't be to much at a time on it and get to much on my eyes and then it start settling and in y eyes. then after Line the upper and lower lash line like I was applying it with a pencil then I start brushing it to the lashes I'll brush on some then use the wand cause allot of the serum will be on the wand still I'll wipe it across my lashes like it is a masquera and then use the brush part and brush it threw the lashes real good . I also brush the serum on the lashes on the front and the back of the lashes so it gets evenly coasted on both sides of the lashes. If you have any more questions or have any request feel free to contact me. Again so sorry it too so long to reply.. Thank you so much for emailing me. I know you will have better luck it too me some tries to get how much and how close to get to my eyes cause it starts settling in and if theres too much in one spot can easily as you already experienced get in your eyes.