Monday, November 7, 2011

Benefit's new Eyelashes $15.00 a Pair

This is the 

prima donna lash

The top lash is Prima Donna Lash 
The bottom is Debutante Lash
This is the case that is great for your re usable lashes and for future use for other things, I really love the quality of the lashes to the re usable container .

This is the top of the re usable case it slides off and back on 

Another picture of the Prima Donna Lash

A close up of Prima Donna Lash

This is the picture that is inside the container but comes out if you like

This is The Debutante Lash set on top of the plastic holder to re stick your lashes and the re usable case

Close up of the Debutante Lash

These lashes are $15.00 a pair, that is very pricey lashes I was told by and Ulta employee and Benefit vendor that they have for a month been using them and trying them out. This is what they had to say. If you take care of them and use them with care they will last for over 30 day's, With using the Lash Glue by Beneifit ($8.00 a tube) you can get away with wearing them for a week plus if your careful on how you remove your makeup and not rubbing your eye area. Knowing how well Benefit has proved to have Stay Put makeup already I figure after hearing this I had to give it a try, I would love if I could have re usable lashes for 30 plus days and if I don't have to put them on every day I could get up and go on about my day. 

So I am putting the Lashes and Glue under the EsteeDarla "Test" I will have to get back and let you know if this is true to what they told me and how I find how well they are as well as the glue. I can say they feel and look real they also have a good strong band but not thick to ware everyone can see it is obvious your wearing lashes, they do look very very natural. A special note they warned me of about the Lash Glue they said it only takes a thin thin thin line on the lash and not to use this glue on individual lash and not to get it on your real lashes and diffidently not to get it in your eye.

I will keep you all posted on the results. Make sure to also watch my YouTube Channel for lots of videos that pair up with all my post on here and much more.

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