Thursday, November 10, 2011

HYPNÔSE Drama Doll Lashes By Lancome

This wand does evenly distributed threw out your lashes even those little tiny lashes hard to grab with out turning your wand to grip them, 1,2,3, quick fast strokes and you can be done adding mascara. this is one of the most AMAZING Mascaras I have tried recently that I love and know this is truly for people who love long lushes full lashes, everything you always want you sure get with this. it does stay on tile you take it off. I recommend that you use a mascara primer I used Lancomes and Estee Lauders mascara primer  cause if you don't use it before you apply this mascara it will  be harder to take off if it is the "Water Proof" one.

$25.00 each

Final words it is what I will buy again  just make sure to remember this is allot harder to take off than your usual mascara, baby oil removes these hard to remove mascaras easier but it is just messy LOL It isn't nothing I would be a reason I wouldn't wear it I just want to give you the heads up it is tougher than ,most water proof witch what makes this different cause you never get clumps of mascara sticking to gather it is like each swipe stroke you put on it is like adding lashes to your lashes and they get full longer with out clumping, once dried and you want to add more it goes on very smoothly and your lashes feel very real not brittle after applying coats of it on and it stays like that . they do not flake.

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