Thursday, November 10, 2011

Elizabeth Arden Foundation Blender Brush $15.00

I had to share this I don't have any of the cheaper blenders yet but i did however finely get this one and what drew my attention to this and I went out of my way to buy was the handle. But once I was able to really get home and test drive it i feel in love with the amazing blending flawless airbrush look it leaves you with and you don't have to use allot of product , ways to clean( I clean all my applicators,brushes, ect after using them and before using them again .)

I been using this for about a month now every day and even if I have to change up my make up or do touch ups and this has really been an I don't know how I lived with out type tool!! I do recommend this it is very soft genital to your skin doesn't drag or pull your skin and gets in those hard to buff  blend spots.

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