Tuesday, May 10, 2011

DIY Dying My Hair Revlon Color Silk 150

This is the same steps I did with every hair coloring I have done at home with this Brand.Just different colors.
YouTube Video DIY Dying My Hair Revlon Color Silk 45

Mix the 2 bottles into the applicator bottle

Shake Well and apply

Evenly apply all over hair let set wait 25 min

Rinse well tile you don't see any more color coming out in the water, and wash out with the cream conditioner that comes with it and don't wash with shampoo or condition 24 hours before you die your hair and after you die your hair.


  1. I've never seen someone post about dying hair at home. Very brave of you! :D And I love the shade you chose!

    I don't dye my hair, but I do dye my mom's hair a lot. Maybe next time I'll bring along my camera (if my mom's okay with it).
    - Mary

  2. aww where's the before and after pic?

  3. I did forget to post a before and I will sure do so, I am new to the blogging but having fun and learning as I go so thanks for reminding to post a before pix, I love the color and it starts fading and it still leaves a beautiful color , I am getting ready to re ie my hair so I will post before and one a week so you can see how it does too. Dying your hair at home is fun and can save lots of money thats for sure.