Saturday, September 10, 2011

Nyc In The Spot Light Limited Edition

,Limited edition I spotted the
Nyc gorgeous collection these are colors no ware close to any I seen. I'm bought their previous collections, so I  if you have the chance to grab at least eye shadow pallets. They are so worth it.

Working on Makeup looks and swatches for each pallet and nail polishes.Coming up soon.HUGZ


  1. Lucky!! Not too many places have this display out yet.

  2. I know I am only seeing it in very few places and this is so awesome. I am doing a make up look with each pallet for my blog and youtube. Also swatches as well.
    In Store Display and look


  3. OMG I am just finding that out and went back to get more of the limited items so I could give some away on here and youtube and man are they sold out FAST but if I run across any I will surely pick them up.This is a beatiful collection.