Monday, September 26, 2011

WetnWild 2011 fantasy maker Nail Polish

This is one coat of all 3 colors, I'm doing another
Post with 2 coats and the fondled look with glow in dark

The Orange one has sparkles or orange glitter or possibly gold it is really close but it at a glance looks orange glitter.Two coats of this and your good to go. This is also really nice to ad ontop of another color to give more looks for your design or stand alone.

All the Black pix above are the ("Black Magic") one from the Collection It is a black polish with gold or orange glitter but really appears to me to be gold glitter with silver sparkles. Another really nice polish from this collection. It also dries really glass shinny as well as the orange one ("Creepy Pumpkin")

This is the Purple colored one ("Purple Potion") It has a dark purple fushia color glitter mixed in with a dark deep color of purple polish. It dries semi dull and semi shinny before adding a top coat.

The colors from this collection list above are
Creepy Pumpkin
Black Magic
Purple potion
And there's a glow In The Dark one as well.

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