Monday, September 26, 2011

Want Hard Nails? No Chip? Last Over Two Weeks?

This is how I found to work, last so long your nails grow out first. The first and main important and the KEY TRICK here is to let each coat to dry naturally before applying another or the next coat.

From left to right is how I will be explaining each product in the same order below.
1)Nail Tek Foundation 2(the white milky looking one)
       Apply 2 coats, if your nails are really damaged apply 3 coats.
2) Nail Tek Intensive Therapy 2 ( The clear one) Apply 2 coats.
3) Sally Hansen Miracle Cure (Blue Bottle) Apply 2 coats, generous amounts .

NOTE: Make sure to allow each coat to dry natural before applying the next coat/step.

I have tried applying the coats over each other by letting the fan, nail dryer, waving may hands around, blowing on my nails and it only causes a rushed polish to try to dry and not get  dry before finishing .So it will chip and wont last.Taking this extra steps witch doesn't take no great amount of time cause it only takes like a minuet to dry anyways for each coat.

Whats nice about this is not only for people with busy schedule's and others who don't want to be trying to do nails every other day, but for people who can't use nail polish remover that much and need to make their nails last as long as possible. This is a great alternative. Your nails will grow out before the polish chips off. I also did dishes twice a day, always cleaning out showers,bathers, hand washing the car. Basically for a month with the same coat on I purposely found things to do ware I would be putting my hands and nails under the elements to really test out this working.

(After pre pairing your nails with all the steps above then style decorate polish your nails as you like and add a top coat of your choice and your good to go. I still prefer to use Sally Hansen Miracle Cure listed above for my topcoat but any works well.)

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