Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Formula 10.0.6 Deep Down Detox Ulta Cleansing Mud Mask "Review"

This is product I recommend for everyone it's a skin care line sold at Walgreen's it's a very gental mud mask, dries fast comes off as easy as ponds cold cream. All you need is to put it on your upper chest,neck and face approx.3-8 minutes it's ready to come off. I really don't think you need any longer than soon as it dries witch is at the 3-4 minuet mark. But if you choose it isn't going to hurt anything to leave it longer. It's a very light weight feel to it witch a tad bit hint of orange smell so faint it is hard to tell for sure is your nose playing tricks on you. So in other words it won't give you a headache because it is to strong of a smell. Most of us love beautiful smells but not when it irritates us  and that your not going to fine with this line.

As you can see from the pictures it is a milky whitish color and is light like a mouse foundation type cream but dries like Milk of Magnesia constancy is the closets to what I can describe. I have to give the whole line thumbs up on everything from packaging,to it does what it says plus some,price is all under $6.00 each or less per item,very versatile for the whole family and all ages and skin types that's a whirl wind pop for yes I must say it's a "Must Have for everyone!!!! Any questions please post or email me .HUGZ to you all for so much Love and support on my blog and channel..


  1. Thank you I am trying to keep stuff updated as much as possible with my experiences and knowledge.