Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ulta Getaway Glamour 58 pc. Collection

I purchased the white one they sell for $17.99 it's a hit, great quality, very versatile and function light weight to travel or what have you lots can be stored along with it as well. Here's the information and 2 pictures from Ulta web site below with full details.

All of your makeup essentials together in one collection by ULTA, so you can be glamourous on the go! Your choice of 2 colors. Makeup can be removed and the case is reusable. A $175 value!
Collection includes:
38 eyeshadows
8 lip colors
5 brushes and applicators
2 eyeliner pencils
2 bronzers
1 cheek color
Pressed Powder
Lip Gloss
travel case with mirror

Orders your online now at

Here are my pictures of mine


  1. I will be doing swatches and makeup looks coming up, I been a lil sick this past week with my diabetes so i be flushed with color really bad I looked like early Halloween LOL so I wanted to wait to get threw that part of it. Hope full today I can start the makeup tutorials with this.HUGZ

  2. do you know if you can fit some other brushes and makeups (like a kabuki brush and a foundation) inside it?