Sunday, October 2, 2011

FREE! Ribbon Cosmetic Bag w/any $10 donation to Breast Cancer Research

Full details on the Donate Will A Kiss at Ulta Stores

Here are pictures of the  Ribbon Cosmetic Bag I got for donating $10.00, I would of donated anyways but I wanted to share with others what the bag looks like. I was surprised at the durability and quality of the bag it is not no cheaply made bag it is very good quality. I have paid over $40.00 for bags of this quality.


  1. Thank you for this review and pictures, excellent.

  2. Thank you, I travel allot and never do I have enough of bags like these and when I seen the quality and all the packing ideals I can u se it for , I even use 2 of them i got for my craft stuff I travel with LOl.Glad you like it.